Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Why is there no love in Hyouka? I LOVE ROMANCE >:(

I finished Hyouka, and I thought there will be just a bit of romance between Oreki and Chitanda at the end. But no ;_;. I know this wasn't a romance anime but still. Kyoto showed just romance between Mayaka and Satoshi but he doesn't want to be with her for now *facepalm* It could be one of the best romance animes.

♥ Chitanda x Oreki ♥
♥ Satoshi x Mayaka ♥
At least I'm watching Kaichou wa Maid-sama *_* 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, Doujinshi - What is it?

Manga - japanese comic
Manhua - Chinese comic
Manhwa - Korean comic

Doujinshi - manga made by fans based on anime / manga that is already been created. Usually doujinshi are yaoi, yuri or hentai.

I was looking for new manga and I just came across some of these words (Manhua, Manhwa), so I decided to do a quick defintion ^_^  I haven't heard them before.

My favaourite manga:
  • Shaman King
  • Kuroshitsuji

I wanted to read them all on my summer holidays, yet I had to do 15 biology past papers! We haven't even go over anything on biology so an answer will take me ages to find and learn D:

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My dream of Attending Anime Convention :<

What is anime convention?
It is like a festival in which people that are interested in anime, manga, games and Asian culture gather togather (it rhymed XD) or meet up. People go there to meet other people with same interests, to cosplay, to buy stuff etc.

I wish I could go on the convent. I'm going to Poland for summer holidays. I'll be there for only one month (living with my granny). In Kraków there will be an anime convent at the end of July (just for one day), so I'm thinking to go. Even thinking about it makes me excited. I just want to meet new people (I'm shy, but I will do it :D) and maybe buy some anime stuff - I don't know what as I never been in a convent. I won't cosplay as I don't have any money :<
So...yeah....maybe I will go, maybe not! My granny and the money that I'll have will decide ._.
Also I want to show you this GIF with the bunny! I love it. It makes me laugh every time I see it and makes my day :P
''Hi....Do you want to join me? :B ''

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Zombie Apocalypse Teams

I saw lots of these and I decided to make my own. It was difficult to make one (too many awesome characters D: ) so I made two teams ^_^
My Zombie Apocalypse Team Anime
Team 1
my zombie apocalypse team 2 anime
Team 2

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Review

Ohhhh..........I'm roasting. It's so hot today in N. Ireland! Ok, Whatever XD Today in the morning I finished Madoka Magica and I was crying. I don't know why it maked me so sad D: My first impression of this anime was: Next anime about transfromations and cute little girls that want to be superheroes -.- ; but I was wrong as it's not! I decided to do a review as it's worth watching.

Genre - Horror, Tragedy, Magical Girls, Advetures
Episodes - 12

Anime starts in the city of Mitakihara. Madoka Kaname finds a wee animal called Kyubey that can talk. Kyubey offers Madoka and her best friend Sayaka Miki a contract in which the girls will become a magical girl with powers and they will fight with witches. If they want to become a magical girl they will be granted a wish. New girl in school, Homura Akemi tries to stop Madoka from becoming a magical girl at all costs. Madoka really wants do become a magical girl at the start but soon she learns a dark secrets about the magical girls and the witches.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hardest Exams are over! & Hate my Science Teacher! Hate My curiosity!

Let's destroy everything like Shizuo!
Only religion exam is left and then I can lay on my bed and do nothing again :P Exams went ok, but science teacher ruined my day! My class is doing controlled assessment for about 3 months and we should done it in a week. I had finished, teacher was checking it all along and now she says, straight into my eyes, that all of it is RUBBISH! Just want to kill her when she said that as I need to do everything all over again >:(

Bocu no Pico - ''My eyes burns!!!''
I went to the site today that people ask questions and you help them (it's not ask.fm XD) and Person asked where they can watch Bocu no pico. Someone answered it and gived a linked that worked. An idea came into my stupid head -''I'm so curious about this anime. It can't be that bad. It's just yaoi and hentai. Nothing special. I'll just see few minutes of it ^_^'' Watched 5 minutes - Never again!! O_O

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I'm Dead X_X

This week I have my summer exams. Tomorrow I have ICT, English and Business Studies. I'm so fed up that I could die now. ICT is the most hardest subjects ever! Coursework is easy but the exam is so hard. Just learned 6 pages off by heart. Yet on Thursday I'm off for study day to learn for one exam (Religion)! The school won't gave us any break. Just few weeks ago I got Religion and Business GCSE exam and now I got to do it again but the summer one. WTF?

This is me after the test ;_;

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rozen Maiden Comes Back!?!?!

Rozen Maiden is continued!! Yeah! Above I will put a trailer that I founded on youtube. Someone said in the comments that it will be in July. It looks so nice, especially Suigintou and Kirakishiou will be there. I feel it will be awesome. I just can't wait for it!!! aaaaah~! *O*

In anime page there is a short review of Rozen Maiden that you can read :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013