Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hardest Exams are over! & Hate my Science Teacher! Hate My curiosity!

Let's destroy everything like Shizuo!
Only religion exam is left and then I can lay on my bed and do nothing again :P Exams went ok, but science teacher ruined my day! My class is doing controlled assessment for about 3 months and we should done it in a week. I had finished, teacher was checking it all along and now she says, straight into my eyes, that all of it is RUBBISH! Just want to kill her when she said that as I need to do everything all over again >:(

Bocu no Pico - ''My eyes burns!!!''
I went to the site today that people ask questions and you help them (it's not XD) and Person asked where they can watch Bocu no pico. Someone answered it and gived a linked that worked. An idea came into my stupid head -''I'm so curious about this anime. It can't be that bad. It's just yaoi and hentai. Nothing special. I'll just see few minutes of it ^_^'' Watched 5 minutes - Never again!! O_O

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  1. Wahahhaa I know how you feel..haha i accidentally played a clip of Juju Romantica and till this day I'm still scared for life! Also Strawberry Panic...I watched a few episodes totally innocent then it messed me up O.O NEVER AGAIN!!!!!