Thursday, 28 August 2014

Free! Eternal Suffering ~ That was not what I was signing for

I beginned watching Free! from curiosity and for the laugh. Now I'm broken down! No! No!...... NO! These gay guys should have a good time togather and swim and laugh togather - NOT shout, break-down, be in physical pain and cry! (T⌓T). Episode 8 was amazing - we recieved beautiful new character Kisumi, his cute little most sweetest brother, Mamakoto, and bunch of humour. Then suddenly, at the end, Kisumi gives us a hint for miserable information: " Did Sousuke's arm healed?". My eyes went wide opened and I started to panic. Sousuke was in hospital and now he will be in the relay. That certainly doesn't sounds good. IT ISN'T GOOD IN EPISODE 9! Even though he isn't my fav character or even close enough to be one, I really sympathize and care for him. He may sometimes act like an asshole but everybody have bad days or memories.
After Episode 9 not only Sousuke needs ambulance but also me. In addition Haru broke-down and suddenly stopped while swimming. We now know how Haru feels about his future. He just want to swim; not for starngers in the audience, not to get a coach and not to become the best swimmer like Rin wants. Haru wants to swim for his friends and fro his own enjoyment. Some of us may forgot that Haru is a teenagers who needs to pick his path, his career (just like me), he just is underpressure; What is his dream? How his future will be like? Would he be separated from his teammates? He suffers so much emotionally and becomes lost inside. Maybe that is what other people want him to become - the pro swimmer - but is this want he wants? That's the first freaking time when Haru stopped swimming. Instead as always swim in sparkling, beautiful water from paradise which you "shall not be feared", he gets sucked into the 'dark' water. Seeing Haru like this I fall into tears. In addition Makota and other guys became very worried. When Rin come up to him after the race, he started shouting. From when Haru shouts?!?!? When we watch something or someone for a quite long time, we get used to it and we certainly see even the slightest changes.

Rin doesn't understands that Haru isn't like him, but then he realises that when Haru is in dispair and shouts. Haru isn't very talkative, so he holds his feeling inside. He holds them all for a long time and he just couldn't hold them anymore, so he breaks. Makoto knows when there's something wrong with Haru, even though he doesn't shows his feelings. This is great support. Now the worst fucking scene; Sousuke suffering in the shower. Then I cried myself to sleep (I was watching this at night ;-;)

This anime is truly deep. I cry more about these guys' problems instead of my own. Friends, career option and physical/emotional health - great aspects are covered. If you go on tumblr free! tag you will see many, many analysis of this whole show. (My Free Tag)  Y'know we can fill all the pools with out tears. I watched Free! to have a good time and I honestly feel attacked right now.........

My fav scenes:
I can bring you one ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Kiss Already <333


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Summer Ends and nothing really achieved ( ̄Д ̄)

Applause for my laziness
The time went quite slow for me, yet I'm really suprised that my routine is rapidly going to change. Idk but I actually can't remember my school days anymore. The summer JUST HAPPENED, and suddenly is going to 'just end'. Honestly, I achieved nothing this summer..... (¬д¬) not a suprise. At the beginning of July I had so much planned yet when August knocked at my door, I just threw everything and only thing I wanted to do is sleep. Something really hit me! As you may see, I posted a lot in July and now number drastically dropped.

The only ONE amazing thing that happened is that I passed ALL my GCSE exams!! Hell YEAH!! Even in freaking religion in which I honestly didn't took seriously; nor I studied nor done any work in class. You can't imagne what I have wrote in the exams (I made everything up), therefore they gave me points for creativity ☆゚.*・。゚☆゚.*・。゚ But whatever, in short I received good grades and I can get job easily!

Another, which can be called major achivement is that I watched all Fairy Tail episodes. Ok... Ok don't laugh at me but I started it in November 2013 (thats when I posted this post about it). What a shame (-‸ლ) Also I'm up to date with all the animes I planned to watch - except Ghost Hound bc the first episode bored me to death. (Any good Horror y'know cause I'm really can't find anything good).
My summer obsessions are Haikyuu!! and D. Gray Man
Overall this summer wasn't extraordinary. Anime which came out this summer are amazing. Can't choose my favourite <3 Apart from sitting alone in my bedroom and watching all the shows, I hang out with friends very often. My close friend and I were super bored and couldn't find anything to kill this boredness. It was two of us who didn't went on summer vacation so we spend really good time togather. The worst thing is that in July had beautiful, summer weather whereas August's weather was so shitty. It mostly rainned. I couldn't use much of my summer outfits - such a waste. Idk about you but my summer was average; can't really complain. Please tell me how was your summer ^-^
When alarm clock ring in the school morning

P.S - How I will wake up so early to school??? *cries & dies*

Monday, 25 August 2014

Fairy Tail OVA List

I love Fairy Tail and its humour + fanservice; it's ultra unique and hilarious! I'm not usually watching OVAs of the anime, usually I watch if it's worth it and THIS is REALLY worth! :D I didn't knew in which order to watch nor in which episode they are between T^T So I carefully picked and now decided to give you advice how to watch them :D

FT- OVA 1 ~ Welcome to Fairy Tail Hills!
This OVA take places around episode 68- after the battle with Oracion Seis.

Lucy finded a job request on guild' request board which have no reward and went to see what the job invloved. Mirajane asks Lucy to investigate the mysterious job and she find out that is place in Fairy Tail Girl Dormitory - Fairy Hills. The client was an old woman called Hilda who introduced herself as the owner of dormitory. She asked Lucy to find a treasure that she've lost but do it in secret so dormitory girls won't know. In addition she told her to wear the sexy cat-costume and saying meow after each sentence. On the other side the boys were asked to clean Fairy Tail swimming pool and founded out a peeping whole. So what and where is the treasure of Fairy Hills? What's with the peeping hole in the pool?

FT- OVA 2 ~ Fairy Academy

If you watched to the episode 65 or so you should be fine

It's a parody of everything that happened so far but in normal life and academy edition. The funniest thing is that there's no magic and they just experience normal yet weird life. Lucy is a transfer student who started, not a long ago, to attend the Fairy Academy - school full of weirdos. Lucy's Celestial spirits are teachers as well as the cats and everybody else are students (including Makrov). Erza is the class rep and asks Wendy and Lucy nervously for help as she has a date with a boy form Era Academy - Seig. Also there's a problem between the Courage Academy (which is made of Phantom Lord's members).

FT - OVA 3 ~ Memory Days

I think there's nothing to be spoiled, but if you want to know is after Wendy joined the guild.

While Lucy, Erza, Natsu, Happy and Gray were cleaning the storage room, a strange book fell down which sent them into the past. The guild's bulding is back to its original design and Erza, Gray and Natsu are kids who started a fight. The 'older' Natsu and Gray enjoyed the scene while Erza was explaining that they shouldn't make contact with anybody as it may have horrible consequences to the future. Before she had finished explaining they simply disappeared. Erza then tells Lucy to find them while wearing the sexy bunny costume so they would make no contact with anybody (i guess Erza just caught a chance to dress up cutely with Lucy XD). They need to go to their present time as fast as they could.

First I thought the OVA was most about telling character's past and getting out of the trap yet that time-travel was important. Suprisely, there's a plot twist XD + Erza's funny moments + Lucy's important memory. Afterall, this Ova wasn't that bad......

FT - OVA 4 ~ Training Camp

This OVA is at episode 153.

To train for Grand Magic games, the Tenrou Team and the rest of Fairy Tail members split up into groups and went to different places to enhance their magic. Erza, Natsu, Gray, Jet and Droy, Levy, Wendy, Lucy and Juvia went to a beach to train (don't ask why and how would you train youself on a beach XD). Other teams went somewhere else; Mirajane's team went to the mountains, Raijinshuu somwhere far away, and Lily and Gajeel have kept it in a secret. Erza's team decided to have good time on the first day of training while Mavis who was bored in Tenrou island was secretly watching them. As this ep takes place on the beach there's lots of fanservice. In addition, which is my fav part, is when boys entered the room and saw all the girls drunk. Later the girl went to hot springs and where talking about who is in love with who :D Y'know just a girly talk.....

FT ~ OVA 5 - The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land

I think this OVA is between the Grand Magic Games - so if you had finished the first season (or about to) you shoul be fine. 

The guild members decided to go and relax in one of the popular places in Fiore - Ryuzetsu land - which is a big water park. So much Fanservice now! Everybody changed into their swimming suits except Cana as she decided to wear her underwear. Then we Gajeel, Levy and the three cats looking for attraction, Lucy and Erza wandering around, Elfam and Evergreen ashemed and hiding behind the rocks (a date? ♥), the love trio - Gray x Juvia x Lyon and other. Is just like a bunch of humour and don't want to spoil but I think it's the best OVA.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 3 [REBELLION] ~ What was that?!?

Finally got some time and motivation to watch at least one movie of MSMM. Simply, I just heard that there's like a big spoiler and I'm like - "Ok, I'm gonna see what everybody is so complaining about" and in the end I joined the complaining, suprised fandom. What the hell is that!? щ(゜ロ゜щ)When everything was explained after second-half of the movie I was very suprised, yet when the movie went on and on, the twist got more twisted and I just sat there, trying to get what's going on...... still can't get over it.

I'm just gonna say that the movie is continuation of the TV series which ended unusually. As any fan would want is to get something better, something that we haven't received in the TV, like a better f**king ending!!! Ending with another plot-twist, huh? Somehow the world is different from the world from TV series, our cute magical girls live the same life as it was; everybody is alive and all are magical girls. The difference is that Kyoko and Sayaka are good friends and Kyoko attends to the same school as them, yet more suprisely Mami is friends with a witch [SPOLIER for people who hasn't watched the TV] who bited her head off. Wut? Homura, same as in TV series, is transferred to the school and meets the girls, and then fights along with them. However she starts to realise that something is wrong and her memories are slowely coming back while she tries to solve the mystery behind this world they live in.
That's all I gonna say as it will spoil you too much. It's very nice to see this girls back again with less annoying Madoka - y'know "I want to be magical girl...." bla bla bla.... The whole movie is digging deeper and deeper and in the end your mouth is wide opened.

I'm planning to watch other movies from MSMM, yet I can't find motivation :D When I was watching Review on YT I just automatically moved my hand and frantically search for it. THIS movie so worth watching.....ugh.... I can't still get over it T^T In addition I fell in love with the music that was played in tha background. I need to search for it ♥_♥

Post Questions: What do you think about the movie (if you watched it oc)? Any other movies you recommend?

Friday, 1 August 2014

Jigoku Shoujo ("Hell Girl") ~ First Impression

 "Would you want to try dying once?"

Even though I watch bunch of anime at a time, I couldn't resist watching at least one episode of Jigoku Shoujo! I found a great review on one of the blogs I follow and I just thought "That's something for me!". Honestly, in the beginning I thought I have this on 'my watch list', yet I was totally mistaken. I saw our 'Hell Girl' many times and I honestly thought that I looked up the title, and wrote it down ;-; At last I wrote it yet I had that urge to just click on first episode, resisting myself. I failed. Let's add another anime that I'm watching at the moment.

The first two things that attracted me to this anime like a magnet is the horror genre and the beautiful main character with long, straight black hair and hipnotizing red eyes. Obviously, she's not a normal girl, yet something more special. Now it comes the best part...... the plot! I'm not gonna lie but I haven't got a clue what is the anime about! >o< Now, I know and it won my heart as it's just fascinating!

Rumour is spread, that there's a website that gives you a form to fill in. You type in the name of someone you really, truly hate and a ' Hell Correspondant ' will grant your revenge. 
This person will suffer for eternity in HELL.
Yet, you need to sacrifice one precious thing of yours - your soul. There would be two graves - one for someone your hate and for you. When you die, it's impossible to go to heaven, only to hell; suffering in pain for eternity. But, who would you hate so much, that you would sacrfice even yourself?

 If you read the plot, you can actually see why I'm so fascinated. When I read it, it made me think about my situation and I would never sacrifice my soul for someone whom I hate :/ My curiosity toke over me and I watched 3 episodes in a row. Forgot mention that it contains 26 episodes in first season, and the same amount of episodes in second (Futakomori) season and third (Mitsuganae) season. Stupid me...... what have I done?! It's 78 episodes altogather! That's what happens when you don't analyse much but I hope it will be worth watching.

So in the first episode we see a middle-school girl who is bullied by 3 most annoying and horrible classmates. They stole her the money (without her even notice) that the whole class gathered and entrusted her. Of course, they took oportunity to blackmail her. This pure little girl was too scared to tell anybody and got even in more trouble. They created a rumour, that she's wondering around in 'adult' places and was saw with older guys at late time. Her form teacher, have a great trust in her and believed it was false rumor. Yet later they forced her to obtain money from a random guy because she 'hasn't bring any'. Finally made a picture and sent it. The girl got in trouble and her parents would be informed. HER WHOLE LIFE WAS RUINED! Now I believe why would someone would sacrifice their soul. This kind of bullying (which comes from girls) is terrible in many ways and is horrible to experience if you have no strength to fight against it.
At that time I wondered if the whole anime will give this girl a bigger role or just have many different stories in each episode. The answer is 'different story in each episode'. Some parts are the same or similar, which are repeated in each episode. It certainly gives a charm to the anime but it can result to boredom (i hope it won't happen to me). Personally, I think the way she takes the revenge is unqiue each time and also the stories. It belongs to horror genre but it's not that particularly scary, yet in exchange we get that mysterious, exciting and dark atmosphere which I just fell in love <3 .The building up tension is amazing. In addition it's not like that straight away give up their soul, the 'Hell Girl' gives them time to think about it as it's very hard decision to make. The character leaves it at last resort.

After only 3 epsiodes, I'm surely satisfied; music, animation, graphics, atmosphere, story-telling is unbelievable!! It's obvious for me that at some point the plot need to change as you can't have so many episodes of story-telling. The only two questions in my head are; "Will I get bored of it at some point?" and "Does the Jigoku Shoujo likes humans so she's doing revenge because she wants to help, OR she doesn't care about the reason, she's just doing her job?"