Friday, 15 August 2014

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 3 [REBELLION] ~ What was that?!?

Finally got some time and motivation to watch at least one movie of MSMM. Simply, I just heard that there's like a big spoiler and I'm like - "Ok, I'm gonna see what everybody is so complaining about" and in the end I joined the complaining, suprised fandom. What the hell is that!? щ(゜ロ゜щ)When everything was explained after second-half of the movie I was very suprised, yet when the movie went on and on, the twist got more twisted and I just sat there, trying to get what's going on...... still can't get over it.

I'm just gonna say that the movie is continuation of the TV series which ended unusually. As any fan would want is to get something better, something that we haven't received in the TV, like a better f**king ending!!! Ending with another plot-twist, huh? Somehow the world is different from the world from TV series, our cute magical girls live the same life as it was; everybody is alive and all are magical girls. The difference is that Kyoko and Sayaka are good friends and Kyoko attends to the same school as them, yet more suprisely Mami is friends with a witch [SPOLIER for people who hasn't watched the TV] who bited her head off. Wut? Homura, same as in TV series, is transferred to the school and meets the girls, and then fights along with them. However she starts to realise that something is wrong and her memories are slowely coming back while she tries to solve the mystery behind this world they live in.
That's all I gonna say as it will spoil you too much. It's very nice to see this girls back again with less annoying Madoka - y'know "I want to be magical girl...." bla bla bla.... The whole movie is digging deeper and deeper and in the end your mouth is wide opened.

I'm planning to watch other movies from MSMM, yet I can't find motivation :D When I was watching Review on YT I just automatically moved my hand and frantically search for it. THIS movie so worth watching.....ugh.... I can't still get over it T^T In addition I fell in love with the music that was played in tha background. I need to search for it ♥_♥

Post Questions: What do you think about the movie (if you watched it oc)? Any other movies you recommend?

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