Saturday, 28 December 2013

Top 5 Anime in 2013!

That's the first time I have watched anime which is new and each episode came out every week (except Naruto Shippuuden) So let's start! Btw I wanted to do Top 10 but I got no time to watch so many and I wanted to do this post before new year! Therefore I'll do top 5 anime that I HAVE watched so if there's an anime that you think that should be in this countdown (if there isn't it means I haven't watched) please share it in the comments ^_^

I will write my overall opinion but if you want a review click on the titles :3

5. Diabolik Lovers
To the people that already watched it - I know it wasn't anything spectacular and plot could be A LOT better but I love the graphics, unique characters and the insane, dark atmosphere. These positives make it better that Brothers Conflict! Unfortunately I don't have any anime that could be in this place that I have watched. Certainly another anime should be in this place but still I haven't watched so many D: If you have nothing really to watch and you love vampires you can watch it, yet if you have expectations; don't count that this anime will fulfil them :(

4. Karneval TV

Now I'm nearly finishing this anime and I think it has quite good plot which make a good plus. I think it's original, but I won't say this about most of the characters. Too many characters were 'copied' from other anime (they look nearly the same D:) this really is annoying sometimes. But the plot, some dark atmosphere  with added humour makes it quite good. It's colourful but in some way I think they have overused it. I like pleasant colours not an anime with all the colours of the rainbow splashed on the screen. It's a bit disturbing but I adore the idea of the Circus organisation. Overall it has a good plot but there's not much creativity towards the characters as they used it too much on the graphics!

3. Danganronpa; The Animation
I was expectining a dark anime, with terror and dramatic murders - but what do I get? Anime with weird characters and a 'horrific' game ruled by a teddy bear? And the blood ~ pink. So 'nice'! At least the investigations of the school and the murders are fascinating! Don't count on a big drama. Yeah I know that it's all about them feeling dispear and murder each other so they can be free but the graphics are not building tension. It's good that the authors tried to be creative but it would be good if they would create tension! The whole story, murders, investigations and all the secrets that are hidden within the 'School of Dispear' are really good which makes the anime intersting and not bored!

2. Kyoukai no Kanata
One of the best anime created by KyoAni. I have no regrets of watching it and I bet that this will happen to you! Get ready your tissues as this will break your heart again....and again......and again. Graphics are lovely, story is fantastic. The fighting scenes are not boring and don't last so long! The humour is great, it maked me cry so hard! The characters have their original character and obssessions that I never thought that someone would have in the anime! If you ask - 'Should I watch it?', I certainly say 'YES'!

1. Attack on Titan

This anime attacked us with all them feels and epicness. It should gain a award of the best anime of all the times. Same goes to the manga. I rarely read manga after watching a certain anime but 'this' make me do it right away. Plot - certainly unique. No doubt about it. Characters - I love them all no matter what they have done, no matter if they are the reason that sh*t happened. While watching it I was like - 'What? o_o What is happening' and click to the next episode. This became an enternite loop which lasted to the last episode. Now this take over my life. This anime SHOULD be watched no matter what! If you haven't done it, what the hell is wrong with you ?!? D: Sorry 

That's it. I wanted to watch this year also; 'Free!', 'Pupa', 'Savanna Game', 'Nagi no Asakura' which came out this year or should come out but they haven't.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

1st Blog Anniversary! ~ Happy Christmas! ^_^

Happy Christmas from Higurashi Crew!

First of All; Happy Christmas! I wish you all to have a great time on christmas and all year round. Let your dreams become true and Year 2014 be beautiful for you all. I wish you all to have a great family time and lots of presents underneath the Christmas Tree.

I also want to say thank you to my followers (Love YOU ALL :* ♥) and other people - that you have visited my blog. A year has passed since I made this blog. I have met new people who are also bloggers, talk about stuff that interests me and shared opinions with others! *hugs everyone*

Sorry for writting boring stuff or nothing at all. I'm not very good at blogging D: I'm trying! Next year I promise to do more things in here XD

Don't be scared of me! Just write a comment anywhere to talk to me ^_^

Saturday, 21 December 2013

SNK Wallpaper - What have I done! D:

I wanted 'Attack on Titan' wallpaper, so here we go. I got one made by me in Photoshop as I'm so bored. That's what I have done:

My dog [called 'Lucky'] gives humanity a great reminder D: I'm so stupid -.-

Kyoukai no Kanata - Well done KyoAni! You played with my feelings..... again

Kyoukai no Kanata came out this summer (2013) and I was planning to watch it when I finish other animes that I already started. Btw - it's already ended! Ok, so my sister started it earlier (she never watch whole anime or even any at all! So she really suprised me!) and after few episodes she felt in love with it. She was furiously persuading me to watch it - 'Go watch it! Please I would do anything but do it! I have no-one to talk about it!'. Therefore I started it and now I felt in love with it too!

The anime is drawn very nicely and I love the characters a lot and their obsessions! Himori who loves 'younger sisters' adn Akihito who loves 'glasses', especially girls wearing them XD That humour. I thought that this anime would be about them fighting with evil spirits and humour and all the rest. Nope! This anime pierced my heart, same as other projects of Kyoto Animation like; Kanon, Air and Clannad! So much crying and sobbing! For me is enough......

After disapponiment of Hyouka, this anime filled my heart with proud for KyoAni, but also broke my heart! So if you are looking for a really good anime watch 'Kyoukai no Kanata', also it's called 'Beyond the Horizon'. Have fun!

If you are looking for review (plot, genre etc.) here is mine: LINK

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Anime Animation ~ Famous Faces / Expressions

I don't know what to talk about (what post to make) so let's talk about anime faces and animation techniques that we all recognise and why they are used :D

One of the famous animation is 'vein'. It's used when a character is angry or annoyed, so a small vein is displayed at the back of their head or at the front corner. If the character is more and more annoyed the more veins come up.

Another one is a 'nose bleed'. Mostly is used for male anime characters when they see see a pretty woman, or there's something perverted. Nose leaking from the nose. Sometimes is used for woman too. Often characters have a 'fountain' nose bleed as something happened unexpectionally and they fall on the ground.

If a person is complemented, says something cute or about their romantic feeling a small parallel lines appear underneath their eyes or a blush.

When a character is childish sometimes they will pull their eye lid down and show their tongue. It's mostly done by teenage girls towards boys, or elementary children when they are cheeky towards others (like classmates)

Orz isn't a facial expression. It's when a character kneels down or hide in the corner often while there's a navy/black backround with a spotlight to show that they are cruched by sudden event, they are defeated, they have no hope and they have given up. Also sometimes there are navy parallel lines bside it.

Another famous animation is 'sweat drop'. It's when a character/s have a drop on the back of their head or at the front corner to show that they are confused or suprised about an event happening. It's like saying 'What the hell?', 'Really?' ._. Also sometimes there are lots of small (sweat) drops coming through the top of their head (sometimes it's while they wave their hands and turn their head from one side to another) showing that they are panicing.

Another animation is when a character is suprised or shocked about a thing that just happened, so they perform a 'Face Fault'. It's when a character falls down on (sometimes straight on their face) and their legs are up.Or if their face is not as normal (deformed) I don't know which one is the right defenition :/

When a character is suprised or shocked they sometimes have a 'beady eyes'. It's when a character have a small circles instead of eyes which are white, while their mouth is wide open. It's like they are saying ' What?' Sometimes there's a question mark right beside their head.

Famous expression is when a character/s is fully white. This is used when a character/s is/are suprised or there is an awkward moment.

Nekko mouth is used for cutness and silliness of a character. Sometimes their hand is formed / done like cats (half-close their hands at put it beneath their chin)

Heart eyes - when a character has heart instead of eyes to show their love interest towards a character or object.

When a character sighs a cloud appears right beside their mouth which is from where coming from. Also their eyes are closed while doing this action that they are just fed-up.

Another animation is when from a character a 'small ghost' similar to them. Usually it is coming from their mouth. This is used when a character is fed-up or to give an impression that he/she died (in funny way).

Sometimes a character has a 'starry eyes' (stars in their eyes), showing that they adore something that is before them or if they are really determined to do something.

There are like dozens of other technques that are combined togather to fully show the expression of the character but if you want you can mention some in the comments! ^_^ The best person that show lots of expression is Tamaki Suoh form Ouran Highschool Host Club!

Friday, 6 December 2013

THOSE FEELINGS ;_; - Naruto Shippuuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja

I knew that Naruto had movies, but I haven't been bothered to watch them. I changed my mind! I'll watch all of them free time :D My friend told me in school that there's an awesome Naruto Shippuuden movie. So, I was extremely excited to go home and watch it. I've even told my younger sister and she was really motivated to watched after she heard what it's about!

The Movie PLOT:
Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and others needed to fight all Akatsuki members, which was really suprising for them as they are all alive! While they were all fighting Akatsuki suddenly dissapeared into the ground. Everyone reported to Tsunade that they fighted Akatsuki! Later everyone talked to their parents and they were really impressed that their children were fighting with such strong people and 'they have just runned away form them'. All parents say that they will recommend their children to become 'jounins'. Yet, Naruto has no parents ;_; so think how he felt! Also Sakura was embarrased by her parents as they say stupid jokes. Later Sakura and Naruto felt into Madara's trap and entered into alternative world where nearly everything and everyone were opposite :3 So everybody had different character and Naruto's parent were alive!

 In this movie I show my fangirl side of Sasuke. Btw, Sasuke gets all the ladies D: He got me too! I was like: 'Show me Sasuke! More Sasuke!' wtf ._.

Whole movie spend in tears! My sister too- she was worse than me!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bakemonogatari - I'm quiting it. Don't know why.....

Few months ago I started 'Bakemonogatari'. I saw the main female potagonist many times around internet that's why I started to watch it. Also because many people recommended it on one of the sites I visit. hasn't entertained me much. Only two first very really interesting. Also I don't feel motivated anymore........

The things that's wrong with it are
> The conversations are really weird. I'm sometimes like - What the hell are they talking about?
> The shots are weird. I don't know. That's the fisrt time that it irritates me. There are shots like the whole background is in colour and there it says 'Red'
> One thing that also irratetes me is that there is no people around. The whole town/school/streets are empty. There are only the main characters.
> When they meet the 'snail girl' the walk around the estate and it's so boring. Yeah she cannot find her home :/

It lats 15 episodes but I just watched 5 and I just can't get to force myself to watch it. Sometimes is like animeis boring at the start but when you finish it you will love it. I don't think that this will happen in here. I know there is another season. 'Yeah I will watch it pff' *sarcastic*. Well I have bad feeling towards this anime. I've heard that if you understand the 'play of words' you would like it. I don't understand. Maybe because I'm blonde ! :D