Friday, 29 November 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin A choice with no Regrets - I think I will get a heart attack!

I don't know if you already know that I have an obssession towards SNK. I've read all manga, watched anime twice and I'm flicking through the fandoms on tumblr all the time. I'm still waiting for Chapter 52 and OVA!

While, scrolling through my tumblr dashboard I came across image of a part of the manga that shows Levi before joining Scouting Legion. I was like ''OMG!''. I was so excited to read it that I couldn't sit calmly. In my mind: '' me!'' *hipnotised*

The manga tells us about Levi when he hasn't yet joined Scouting Legion and he's living his criminal life with his two friends in Underground City. You can read it in there:


ALL THANKS TO 'White Flower Translations' on Tumblr!

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