Monday, 4 November 2013

What the hell is wrong with Diabolik Lovers?! It's better than Brothers Conflict?

Diabolik Lovers and Brothers Conflict are two male harem animes (one girl surrounded by many boys) that came out this year.

I watched Brothers Conflict and I hated how all the boys are sticking to Ema which is their step-sister. Just nearly all of 13 Asahina brothers falled in love with her as if there was no other girl in the world..... *sigh*......and she does nothing about it. That's why I thought Diabolik Lovers will be much better.
diabolik lovers

I started to adore how it was drawn *o*. The Main character Yui wasn't really annoying me as she was a bit of a rebel towards the vampires. Oh, the vampires are fantastic looking with unique character except that they have no manners and just want to suck Yui's blood. I thought anime will be something like Vampire Knight but I'm dissapointed. The plot? I can write you one (for fun :D):

There was a girl called Yui who was send to the ' house of vampires'. She cannot escape as the vampires are teleporting, stalking her, throwing her into the pool and suckin' her blood every bloody minute. When you think that one of them is different from others, suddenly he jumps at her and does the same; drinks her blood. Their excuse is 'you are just a human and our victim'. I think in every episode she's getting used to it xd

At least it's starting to get interesting (mostly and episode 5)when - SPOILER WARNING - Subaru gived the knife to kill the vampires to Yui, and when Kanato wanted to change her to wax figure or a manequin ._. can't remember.
Kanato's my fav :D

Overall I think that Diabolik Lovers is better than Brothers Conflict. The reasons for it are:
-Better drawn
-it's more dark anime
-that I love how kanato is insane :D

Tell me in comment what do you think about Diabolik Lovers, and if it's better than Brothers Conflict :)

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