Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sword Art Online - Popular but is it worth watching?

At the beginning of my Otaku life I was desperately searching for most engaging anime so I won't be discouraged in watching. Sword Art Online was mentioned to me millions of times yet I haven't got time and motivation to start it however; What a disgraceful Otaku I am that I haven't watched it yet? People our talking, recommending, getting excited about until now and me, sitting there not knowing how brilliant it is!

Info about anime here:
Review Here
Impression Time!
Graphic and characters are pure brilliance, but it's the plot that makes it worth watching! I never knew anything about this anime, only that the main female character is 'Asuna' and it's something about killing monsters with swords XD Therefore the first episode stole my breath as I was sitting with my mouth wide-opened. WOW! I'm a gamer myself and I can play MMOs for long with adoreness to the virtual world therefore the experience that the players had made me horrified! Being stuck in a game? Being killed? It suppose to be a fun experience, not a heartless blood-bath which make people fall into dispair and terror. The first two episode keep me up and truely agree with Sao fans....... it's pure brilliance.

Suddenly, everything calmed. Where's the terror? After the two exciting episodes, everything seem normal, well we know that many people died in first week (?). The plot seem to be paused and anime seem like a big filler which introduces you some character and then this person/group dissappears from scenery from various reasons. In between some boss fights, various problems occuring, secrets, drama and bulding up relationships with other players. I thought back then: When it would be something more specific which will affect the plot completely? Yet when I reached that episode I was shocked and I couldn't get over my mind what happened for the rest of the day. From that episode I watched everything in one go as this is when the plot starts to get twisted and affected.

As in one of the anime that I watched, 'D-Gray Man', they needed to build up the relationship; not only among the characters but as well as with YOU! I got attached to the surroundings, characters and atmosphere so when there's a change I'm hella confused. It was like if my won life was changing! D: When my level of interest increased I couldn't stop watching. It's worth the popularity and now I transformed to a crazy SAO fan which will write everywhere how amazing it is (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
at the left is me :D
Post Question: What other anime is so popular as SAO that you know?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

SummerTime!! [2014]

I had a study leave from the beginning of May so even though I have bunch of free days it didn't seem like holidays. Now I realised as my exams are over - " it's summer ._."- and I have nothing really planned or done.

I was planning to get a summer job to earn some money for myself yet I still haven't look for anything!  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Deep within me I'm not ready for adult responsibilities but I really want a job!  T^T What I will do for 2 months when I'm not going on holidays and most of my friends are going somewhere abroad? Also there's not many stuff to do in N. Ireland!! I hope at least there would be lots of sun.

  • get a summer job
  • watch anime as I had a break for 3-4months (?)
  • read manga as I haven't read as well for a while
  • participate in summer clubs
  • go out with friends
  • update blog more often
What a boring list! ಠ_ಠ
 Anime planned to watch:
  • overall finish what I've started
  • Kuroshitsuji (new upcoming episodes)
  • Ao Haru ride 
  • Free! Eternal Summer
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Ghost Hound
What a nice list ಠ‿ಠ !
I also wanted to attend a Convention taking place in Belfast with my friend yet I have litarally no money and no transport! Another year which I can't attend.

Look! I finally post regulary and I also update the theme of my blog! I hate editing HTML >:( Never again. If you know how to do it without a problem you are a pure genius!

Post Question: What are your plans for the summer? What anime/manga are you plan to watch?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ao Haru Ride - Finish Manga but Anime coming!

by MegaBleachy
I knew about this manga yet I decided to read it for the past few weeks. I finished it and I love it as I personally think it's one of the best shoujo manga. Even though I knew there's anime up coming (which made me really happy) I decided to read first. Now that I'm finished I'm unpatiently waiting for the anime and accidentally I came across the 'Preview'!!! Too excited!

Anime style is beautiful as expected of anime released in 2014! It feels so nostalagic and amusing as you see the characters in action, not in still images/mangacaps. I just can't wait to see 'those' scenes animated. I hope my other shoujo manga that I've read will produce something like this especially Hirunaka no Ryuusei! It's amazing.

Premier date (according to 'AnimeNewsNetwork') - 7th July 2014

Fairy Tail Ep95 (Lisanna) ಥ︿ಥ

*can't see keyboard from tears in the eyes*
*cries infinitely like a baby*

This is certaintely not the first time that this happened while watching Fairy Tail! Yet I crossed my limit and now I'm sitting watching the last 10-15mins of that episode with tears and after I finished the epiosde I cried like even more; outside and inside. Lately I haven't really watched or read anything on regular basis so I haven't been attached so much. Now, that I have summer holidays - YAY! ^-^ - I have a lot of free time.

[Don't read the rest of the post if you haven't reached this episode to avoid spoilers]

This girl made my cry so many times. She's such a perfection; kind, friendly, smart, adorable, cute, humorous, caring............ugh TOO MUCH. Even though she was just introduced to us mostly by the flashbacks and also some bits by the guild, I love her.  Each and every episode she was mentioned in I was just wishing that she wasn't dead! I would like to see her as a............ hm......."full-time character"? Additionally, I hated to see our lively Natsu hit with those feels everytime she is mentioned in the conversation. It's depressing. Natsu x Lisanna is obviously my OTP however Nalu is my more 'updated' ship that's why I may sometimes feel like they are more close to be canon. This episode made me doubt it now.
It was revealed that she was send to Edolas and took place of Lisanna from Edolas in their Fairy Tail. I saw that she was behaving a bit unnatural yet I never thought who she really was. That look of Natsu when she heard her voice after 2 yearsand saw her again at earlier episode! Heart-breaking! Then his face after it was revealed she is the Earth-Lisanna and that beautful, majestic moment when she runs to Natsu with tears in her eyes saying that finally she saw tha real Natsu! (╥﹏╥) Then her whole explanation. Even worse then this all for my heart was Elfman and Mira from Edolas and Earth - they both loose their sister. In Edolas they gained her (yet they knew she wasn't the real one) to loose her as she needed to come back to Earth. Afterwards we see the last scene which finished everything off- she cames back to her sibling which are standing right to her 'grave'. Their precious faces! Priceless! I feel how they are blessed with happiness!
In the end, I was crying all the time as I'm feeling awful of what happened overall as everybody missed her yet I'm cheered up by the fact that she returned. So.....happy tears! Also I'm aware of my future trouble; which ship I will support mostly?? Nali ot Nalu??

Monday, 16 June 2014

Ao Haru Ride ~ (chp 1-27) My reaction and opinion

Personally, I really love shoujo manga which is concentrated to our 'girly' problems.  I have recently gained a lot of recommendation adn Ao Haru Ride was of course one of them. However I found difficult to pick a manga that would interest me therefore I just read this shoujo now as I just realised that there's anime coming out soon! Believe me, manga have more detail then anime therefore I would prefer to read this first.

It has an unique art-style which is amazing and good plot which I haven't came across before. Yet how can I read when the main male character and the main couple aren't likeable for me? Here's where my problem arises and when the end of chp 20 appeared before my eyes I just lost the will of continuing. Why? I will explain from the beginning.....

Plot: It all begins with a Futuba Yoshioka who isn't that kind of girl who's concerned about make-up, being popular nor being around boys.  To point that out she doesn't like boys because she thinks they're immature, irresponsible and not mannered at all. However when playing 'cops and robbers' she gets to know a boy callled Kou Tanaka who's not very physically build, but well mannered and doesn't seem to act immature. Futuba started to like him and think about him as cute as well as him to her. This 'skinny love' continues until one day Kou transfered school without any notice whereas Futuba couldn't get him out of her head. When she enters highschool she meeets him again but with different surname and completely different personality. Is this still the boy who she met in middle school?


[spoiler paragraph!! ] Kou was such nice guy, a bit shy, who would be perfect for our main female character yet after he transfered he changed to a cheeky, unkind guy who is totally not good for Futaba's happiness. Do you know how much she cried for him? Yet he still acts so recklessly and doesn't care how much she still cares about him! She just wants to know you, understand you and be with you! I know WHAT happened to him but still he should at least be nice to her. On the other hand he's nice to other girls!
Kikuchi vs Kou
They are cute togather but he is no good for her :/ So I was just praying that there would be a new, perfect boy appearing before her who would make her happy, fill each other hearts with love and will understand each other. The mangaka gived me that opnion and I created my OTP which I stick to no matter what!! At that time, which I'm very glad, Kou got jelous and seem to realise how much Futuba is important to him! He started to get into that Kikuchi's way. For me it was bad as Kou ruins my OTP >:( At the last pages of chapter 20 I just throw my phone and said : "F... U!" with some tears in my eyes! He made her so sad because he was so focused on Narumi from past few weeks! And now spending time with her? Being nice to her? What about being nice to Futuba?? Hm?? Kikuchi asked her just to watch their band playing and Kou just enters, kisses her (accidentally but still ;-;) in front of Kikuchi! Kikuchi's FACE made my heart break into thousand of pieces!

At last i will say that no matter what I will ship Futaba x Kikuchi! Kou is changing a bit so I may change my mind someday. He is cute and nice but he mostly is an asshole to her. I won't accept this as I love Futuba! Maybe I'm over exaggorating but that's just my negative opinion. Yet, on the other hand (as I can't be so negative all the time :D) he can be a nice guy but he is just difficult and lost inside. Sorry but I'm looking for a perfect couple which doesn't suit for ship Kou x Futuba  > - <

Post Question: What is your opinion about the two boys?

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Free! - Watching for plot or not?

Free! was published in July 2013 by Kyoto Animation. From that day people (mostly girls) got a reminder that there's a  'Sport Anime' genre. Yeah, I know there was Kukoro no Basket (I haven't watched it yet) but you know; 'Abs', 'half-naked guys', water, summer and also new OTPs with new fanfiction which will be mostly yaoi :D There was a storm of this things all around internet and just now I decided to watch it........... Do you want to know what I think?

As a girl, I have lots of bishies who I adore everyday and I cannot disagree that Free! characters  are not on it. They are cute, unique, handsome, friendly, kind, and funny, well all depends on the character! When I watched this few thing came into my mind; 'gay' XD and 'fan-service'. Am I  wrongly interpreted what was going on there? Beforehand, I was mind-fucked by the crazy fandom so I mostly know the plot.

That's what I thought before watching:
Free! Summary....
Despite of everything I mentioned above, I think the plot, animation and characters are amazing! Therefore I haven't been interested in their body structure yet the plot. Additionally I was extremely interested if this anime is 'How tumblr/fandom describe it' Hm..... it was accurate! Suprisely there's a plot and character development. The 'fan-service' for me was just seem like a funny scene. It is so obvious for me that KyoAni make the gay feelings of characters on purpose and made a lot of signs, yet I dunno if it's for the crack or is it real? Don't believe? Like at their posters!

Maybe I like it because I'm a girl. Yet I think that boys could watch it too and make fun of the half-naked scene as I did. The plot is engaging as I was interested if Haru will ever swim in relay and would stop thinking about just 'water', what happened between Rin and Haru, Rei and swimming development, if Rin will be an asshole for the rest of anime.

The rest of 'Review' here:
Free! Review

Post Question: What is your opinion of Free!? Or you excited for Free!Eternal Summer?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

# Anime Twins

Personally, I think that twins are incredible. Two people looking identical (or nearly) yet they hold different personalities. They ARE two different people. I admire the twins in the anime and it would be impossible for me to pick a favourite! I even were looking up anime or manga's which had twins ๏‿๏
 Asakura Twins (Shaman King) - Hao is the 'bad guy' whereas Yoh is the opposite. In anime Yoh hold an hate towards his brother as he wanted to become the shaman king while treating other people like rubbish. In manga they seem getting along better. They are called as parts of one soul therefore Hao wanted to devour Yoh in the end of anime.
 Hiiragi Twins (Lucky Star) - Their characters are opposite; Tsukasa is very good at cooking and very friendly yet her weak point is school work whereas Kagami is a smart student where everybody seeks help however she's sometimes egoistical and is bad at cooking and household chores
 Orihara Twins (Durarara!!) - Unfortunately these two girls had only a tribut in one episode. They have a very close relationship togather and have the same obssession to an actor - Yuuhei Heiwajima. Her close relationship may be a result of Izaya pushing them away. They are never saw being apart from each other
 Misaki Twins (Another) - They look identical, also they do that in purpose; like dress similary. They were seperated so they were meeting in secret and become best friends. They share a lot with each other and both have interest in dolls. Mei and Fujioka were very attached to each other.
 Sonozaki Twins (Higurashi no naku koro ni) - As the whole plot is confusing Mion and Shion are getting well overall. They switched places when attending the family meetings and even though they haven't see each other for long period of time they open their heart to each other. In the 'torture' moment of the anime Shion wasn't afraid of her sister overall which may seem like the have bad relationship. Shion was just afraid of Mion's behaviour as she may hurt Keichii.....

Fujibayashi Twins (Clannad) - Kyou is the tsundere type girl with long hair who is always protective towards her sister. Ryou whereas is calm and caring. They are two totally different girls who get on well as siblings.
 Rozen Doll Twins (Rozen Maiden) - They aren't really twins. Barasuishou (purple) was made by Rozen's student, who based her by the real 7th doll. They both hold an insane personality though and their aims are a bit similar too. Kirakishou only appears in manga whereas Barasuishou only in anime.
 Italy Twins (Hetalia) - They both have different personality as Italy is calm, friendly and very cheerful whereas Romano is tough, bad-tempered and sometimes aggresive yet he has the cute shy side like his brother. Yet, they both are extreme cowards. They don't get along well as Romano is the person that bullies his brother and doesn't accept his existence.
 Kiryuu Twins (Vampire Knight) - Ichiru and Zero were cursed twins which belong to Vampire Hunting family. They should be one person and Zero as the oldest twin should have devoured his brother in the womb. Ichiru was very jelous and in despair which caused trouble to the whole family. Zero even though he hates his twin, inside there's a bit of love left in his heart. They had a close relationship when young however Ichiru started to hate his brother.
 Hitachiin Twins (Ouran Highschool Host club) - They always had a close relationship. Before attending Ouran club they were socially awkward and only considered themselves, yet after they decided to open up to people. It's nearly impossible to tell who is which. They both are very lively and humorous therefore they have good time togather.
 Asahina Triplets (Brothers Conflict) - Well not twins but triplets who aren't really so identical except few traits. Azusa and Tsubaki are more alike not only with interest but also with appearance. They hold closer relationship as they work in the same industry, but they still keep contact withe their brother. All three have a spot on their face and purple eyes.
 Alyss and Alice (Pandora Hearts) - They were both born in the abyss however Alice was placed afterwards in the real world. They are able to exchange their souls. She used to be 'one' with the Will of the Abyss yet then she separated as another part to join Oz in the real world.

Post Question: Are they any other anime twins which weren't mentioned above?
                        Which is your favourite anime twin?

Monday, 2 June 2014

'MY' Little Monster *-*

From bordness I decided to watch this anime as it's on Crunchyroll on my phone. Definitely it was funny, cute and engaging!!! <3 However it annoyed me at times and now I will explain why is good and bad.
For Review click above
It is extremely cute to see a 'bad' guy changing because he's in love with a girl! Even seeing him cry make my heart break ;-; I just want to hold him tightly saying 'You have me (✿◠‿◠)' The main male character Haru Yoshida always aggressive turns to little puppy when around Shizuku. His emotions and feelings makes me melt down on my chair. He reminds me of my favourite character from Drrr - Shizuo. Both of them are insane and very strong, also they scare everybody with their 'dark' glare. Worse is when Haru is jelous when other guy is around Shizuku, not very suprsely there's a love triangle which is not helping the situation.

Humour is fantastic as Haru is just an idiot (in funny way!). He just don't know how to act like normal person would act, yet Shizuku's awkward situations that she never had in her life are as well hilarious. The characters are really good! Everybody has their own character and plays a role in the story.

It may seem that this anime is quite good but I have some objections. In the past I have read and watched many Shoujos, however this one is a bit different as 'love' is confessed in first episode so their feeling weren't really developing. It simply appeared two days after meeting. Is this is called love found on first sight?? Later their feelings are mixed and quite not understandable [!!! small spoilers ahead!!!] After Shizuku admiting her 'feelings', he just suddenly says that he loves her but not the same as she do. Therefore they won't be togather :/ So do you like her not? Then there's lost of love from the girl yet the boy changes his mind. [!!!end of spoilers!!!] When you look at it deeper and review all the episode everything is repeated. Shizuku studies, Haru gets to trouble yet runs after her saying 'I love you'. Then in the end you get 'no end'?

For the cuteness of our main characters you should watch it as they are humerous and you will die from the Kawaiiness :D - if you are a fangirl of course! It's not the BEST romance ever but definitely is not the worst!!!!