Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sword Art Online - Popular but is it worth watching?

At the beginning of my Otaku life I was desperately searching for most engaging anime so I won't be discouraged in watching. Sword Art Online was mentioned to me millions of times yet I haven't got time and motivation to start it however; What a disgraceful Otaku I am that I haven't watched it yet? People our talking, recommending, getting excited about until now and me, sitting there not knowing how brilliant it is!

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Impression Time!
Graphic and characters are pure brilliance, but it's the plot that makes it worth watching! I never knew anything about this anime, only that the main female character is 'Asuna' and it's something about killing monsters with swords XD Therefore the first episode stole my breath as I was sitting with my mouth wide-opened. WOW! I'm a gamer myself and I can play MMOs for long with adoreness to the virtual world therefore the experience that the players had made me horrified! Being stuck in a game? Being killed? It suppose to be a fun experience, not a heartless blood-bath which make people fall into dispair and terror. The first two episode keep me up and truely agree with Sao fans....... it's pure brilliance.

Suddenly, everything calmed. Where's the terror? After the two exciting episodes, everything seem normal, well we know that many people died in first week (?). The plot seem to be paused and anime seem like a big filler which introduces you some character and then this person/group dissappears from scenery from various reasons. In between some boss fights, various problems occuring, secrets, drama and bulding up relationships with other players. I thought back then: When it would be something more specific which will affect the plot completely? Yet when I reached that episode I was shocked and I couldn't get over my mind what happened for the rest of the day. From that episode I watched everything in one go as this is when the plot starts to get twisted and affected.

As in one of the anime that I watched, 'D-Gray Man', they needed to build up the relationship; not only among the characters but as well as with YOU! I got attached to the surroundings, characters and atmosphere so when there's a change I'm hella confused. It was like if my won life was changing! D: When my level of interest increased I couldn't stop watching. It's worth the popularity and now I transformed to a crazy SAO fan which will write everywhere how amazing it is (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Post Question: What other anime is so popular as SAO that you know?


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    1. I understand your opinion and I can see why you felt like it the plot fell down after few episodes cause I know that lots of episodes weren't that interesting :/. Anime stole my heart by the suprise of how everything in the game has ended up and moved on so drastically.