Designs ~ Anime/Manga Graphics

If someone would like to, I can make a banner / graphic / icon for them. An example of my work are my backgrounds and top-banner on both of my blogs. I'm kind of bored so if you are interested please write a comment on THIS page in form of:
Type: Icon / Banner / Other (specify)
Size: ?????
Colour(s): what colour will be mostly used
Character(s): who will be on the graphic (and where they're from)
Show: if you prefer a specific anime / manga / movie / cartoon
Any Text?: ???????
Any preferable images?: [give links to images]
Mood: cute / creepy / other (specify)
Other requirements: ???????? 
More information HERE and the work asked will be also submitted on that blog. My sister and I don't get any submits on that blog so I want to look for any interested on my blog.  Please note that you don't need any account to comment here so anybody can comment.



  1. Type: Wallpaper
    Size: its up to you whats best
    Colour(s): Red//Pink
    Character(s): Inori - guilty Crown
    Any Text?: I Love Violette-chan
    Mood: cute
    Other requirements: put some rockerstar attitude :))

    Arigato Violette chan :))

    1. Thank you for request!!! <333 It has been fullfilled. You can see and download it here:

      If needed I can make some changes ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I can do anything if only I can get images to make it ^.^

  3. Type: Wallpaper
    Size: I would like size of a good resolution (does size affect that? I'll pretend it does...)
    Colors: I'm not sure so I'll leave it to you to decided which colors suit the character
    Character: Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita (Fan art is fine to use as an image and I like him with long hair rather than short, but both are fine.)
    Text: Tomoe (with a heart after it :D)
    Mood: I'd like an oriental feel to the wallpaper (The oriental feel he gives out when he's in a kimono and traditional Japanese clothing!)
    Other Requirements: I would love a signature from you somewhere on the wallpaper as sort of an autograph/credit-goes-to thing.

    1. You gonna kill me like XDD Sorry but I was on hiatus because of school and i haven't checked my blog for ages!! :/ But I have done your request :D here you can see it!

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  5. I'm in the process of making a fanfic would you be willing to make me a icon and or banner?

  6. Type:wallpaper
    Size:up to you
    Colors:again it's up you
    Characters:Zero,Yuki and Kaname
    Show:Vampire knight
    Any Text?:Vampire Knight♥
    I really hope that you can make this!♥

    1. I hope that you can reply me soon!