Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Deadman Wonderland vs Mirai Nikki - Similarties

First of all, I'm half way through Deadman Wonderland. As always, I was sharing my feelings and thoughts with my sister, who won't watch this anime. Accidently, I noticed that there are few similarties that these two good series share. For funzies, I'm just gonna mention them.
  • At first, I noticed that the two main characters of both series look alike, then I noticed that they are both the cowardy, and crying-a-lot type. I sympathied with them both as lots of crazy and insane stuff is going on so they can cry how much the want..... poor little things ;^; In short Yukki and Ganda have similar appearance and personality.
  • In both series the main females are 'kind' of obssessed with main characters. In Deadman Wonderland there is Shiro who likes to follow Ganda around and spend time with him because they are friends. On the other side, in Mirai Nikki, there is Yuno who also follows Yukki everywhere and wants to spend every moment with him. Not to mention that both girls just say the names - Ganda and Yukki - all the time. The difference is that Yuno is an insane girl who will not allow anyone to steal her man. I don't know about Shiro as I stated before, I haven't finished the series.
  • The characters have a power and have to fight with people that have 'kind' of the same power? Coincidence? Maybe. In Mirai Nikki we have the cellphone users which predict the future and in Deadman Wonderland they have a blood-type weapon called Branches of Sin. Even though the weapons are different, the characters still have to fight with each other.
  • The graphic-style is similar - well..... for me.
  • At last, the series gaves us different users of the 'power', all with different personalities, appearance, gender and age which gives a huge variety of 'unique'characters [Note: I think that happens - still haven't got to that part]

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!! [+2nd Blog Anniversary]

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you will have magnificent day and lots of presentw underneath your christmas tree. I hope you spend your holidays with someone special like family, best friend or your girlfriend / boyfriend. May all your wishes come true.
The gifs made by anime-yaoi-lover ^-^

♪ْ♬Christmas day is coming ....... with otaku blog♬♪ْ

As well as Christmas, I want to celebrate my another blog Anniversary. It was a good year as my activity has better qualty of work and I try to target on most latest or enjoyable things. Thank you for anyone who visited my blog and appreciate my stuff and my low activity. It's nearly 2015 you believe that?! So I wish next year will be better for us all and we all would be happy ^-^ Few things that I want to 'achieve' next year is participating in anime convention and cosplay. I noticed now that when Christmas reaches me, I barely want anything, whereas thoughout the year I just have full list of stuff 'I Want'. However, I don't like asking people anything especially my parents. I'm making easier for them as parents are most precious people in our lives- Don't you think? So.......

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Haikyuu!! Sequel!!

'Me right now'
I just wanted to see what new anime would came out in 2015 as I don't know what to do with myself 」╹□╹)」. Accidently, poor coincidence, I found out that one of my favourite anime gets a new season!! The anime is....... you probably guessed by the title of the post........"Haikyuu!!". It was announced in Jump Festa 2015 event - based by Crunchyroll and Anime NewsNetwork - that there would be second anime season with new visual. Hell Yeaaaaah! The anime was amazing and enjoyable from start to finish. I don't know when it will be released but stay tuned for announcement on my blog as definitely there would be :D

Monday, 22 December 2014

"Daily Lives of Highschool Boys"?

aka. "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou"
Did you ever wondered what highschool boys are doing in their lives? What they are thinking? Or how anime with 'boys' only would look like? Supirsely, 'this anime' would answer these questions........ I don't know if it would be precise though XDD......

There is nothing more wonderfull then a friendship...... a guy friendship? A otaku friendship?? Nerd friendship?? Alright, a combination of all of these, which turns the anime to a hilarious and 'wtf' series of events. So the anime circualtes around three guys; Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake which help us to discover a life of a Highschool boys. Actaully, that is it XD BUT, does this really happens:
  • Guys stealing girls uniform just to try out the skirt which they actually look good in?
  • Telling ghost stories which are mostly about  something disgusting instead of adding some spooks to the story?
  • anime sh*t talking
  • being chased by girls and sisters?
  • over-dramatic scenes (especially by the river)?
  • roleplaying a RPG just before going to friends house?
  • being awkward now and then?
Ughhhh..... just give me a break.......... like what am I talking about? This show is so freaking good and I'm laughing my ass off every second. Every episode is divided into stories which cover different anime cliches, seasons and/or events. Even though, you think you can guess what will happen, in actual fact it turns to something unexpected. The series is not made up of good, appealing and modern graphics, drawing style  and character design, yet you can put it aside as the whole concept and the stories are interesting, even if it's slice of life. Even though, I finished this series yesterday, I miss it and want to rewatch it again!
One of my favourite scenes :D

This happens to me a lot XDD


Sunday, 7 December 2014

'Your Lie in April' ~ First Impression

As I always do, I found 'Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso', aka 'Your Lie in April', by coming across gifs and images. The thing that catched my attention, is the beautiful,with flawless smile blonde girl. Her beauty in terms of personality and appearance shined at me. By her body language and her facial expressions I just knew what she was like. Furthermore, we should not forget the main character. He also interested me beacuse most of what I saw was him with the girl. The questions went through my head: Who is he? How they met each other? Who are they for each other? Is it a romance? - That's why I just click on the first episode. Additionally, I knew that the anime is about 'classiacl music' therefore it seemed it is unique.

From the first episode we know that the story circulates around Arima, who 'used' to play piano. The reason for this, which is told later on, his mother was a music teacher and forced him to be the best player which he obviously was. For me is very tragic how he had no say towards what he does. His mother was ill and died just before his important performance. During it, Arima broke and stopped playing the instrument for two years. His world turned dull. One day, his childhood friend Tsubaki, who participates in softball club, convinces him to accopmany her and his other friend Ryota to meet a special girl. She wants to know Ryota, but Arima would be a great help as the girl loves playing instruments and loves music. The girl's name is Kaori and is a great violinist. She is cheerul, unpredictable, and short-tempered. Her life is full of colours compared to Arima.

Straight away I know that the girl will change Arima's attitude and life. She will retrieve his passion towards classical music. Arima was really fascinated by the girl's play and her personality. His life will change after the meeting with blonde godess..... Certainly worth to check out as the plot is interesting, animation and graphics so appealing and the character to damn good.