Thursday, 4 September 2014

September Anime Character Birthdays

To appreciate the wonderful characters, amazing creation of Japan, I would like to post a monthly birthdays. Just make some pictures ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ [meanwhile i can actually practise editing].
This month our celebrants are:

 Birthday Date: 4th September

Anime: Free! Eternal Summer

Info: He isn't my favourite but he got my interest. He was Rin's childhood friend and still is overprotecting him. Sousuke's appearance is sometimes cute - when he smiles and have good time with Rin or other, yet depressing at times- compared to other guys he swims in DARK water. That's why it seems he has two sides [as in the picture]
Birthday Date: 5th September
Anime: Attack on Titan
A crazy scientist who is obssessed with Titans and never shut the f**k up about it (her  teammates experience XD). JJ. She's the most insane person in the series, whom I adore, and gives us informations she gathered about the titans. She is hyper and sometimes acts recklessly - like running after a titan by herself (in the OVA). 


Birthday Date: 8th September
Anime: D. Gray Man
Why he is stuck in the shadow of this fandom? Nobody mentions him and now is time to appreciate him! He's a chief of science department and have to deal and put up with Komui everyday XD In addition he has bunch of paper work which has to be done. We should also appreciate how he attacked the 'Skulls' to rescue his teammates when the Quaters were attacked by Lullu Bell. He's a human and he knew he could get easily killed D:

Birthday Date: 19th September
Anime: Naruto Shippuuden
Personally, I think this one is the most emotional thing I've done ._. When searching for quotes, I realised that they are very deep. In the Second Shinobi World War he was an orphan along with Yahiko and Konan. They were then taken and raised by Jiraya. How could that kid survived?! After years and many tragic events he lead Akatsuki after Yahiko's death and decidedto create peace through pain.

Birthday Date: 24th September
Anime: Shugo Chara
Info: The main character of the series, whom I didn't find particulary annoying, just the plot -.-" People think she's just "Cool & Spicy" but in reality she is different. They just see her outside, that's why she wants to became her true self and made a wich which caused her 'Shugo Charas' to be born. Each chara represents her personality and skill desires, which is fascinating *^* (i watched this long time ago so I can't remember everything in detail XD)
Birthday Date: 29th September

Anime: Kaichou wa maid-sama

Info: I love her so much, she's so strong and hard-working!! She lives 'double-life' just to get her family out of the debts. She's doing amazing job and is strong even though her Dad leave her whole family. Misaki adjusts her character depending on the surrounding; President - strict, Maid - adorable, yet in both responsible and busy ^o^

This month some great "bad-asses" were born along with some cuties :D

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