Saturday, 6 July 2013

I'm going to Poland Tomorrow ! *-*

I wasn't in Poland for three years and I have mixed feelings about it.  My plane comes at 7am. so I had to wake up at 3am. I need to go earlt to sleep today.

I'm scared as I'll look after my sister as my parents aren't going. So, I'll be alone in this airport ;_; But my mum says 'You're 16, nearly 17 and you're scared? Be mature!'. I'm just scared that I will be lost or something. I won't know were to go maybe. That's it! Also I'm always scared of plane catastrophies ( imagination and my nightmares will kill me someday : / )

I will see my family - my grandparents, uncles, aunties, wee cousin *o*. So I'm really excited and happy. I'll be there for about a month and I'll live in my grannies house. No computer. No anime xD. (But I will read manga on the rainy and boring days :P )But I think I will have lots of fun as there will be lots of attractions and hot weather. My grannie said that she saw on Broadcast that there will be above 30 degrees !! ._. I will burn, as I've sensitive skin.

Friday, 5 July 2013

First ep of 'Rozen Maiden 2013' & Just finished Hetalia :D

First episode of Rozen Maiden camed up yesterday. I just watched with eng. subs and it was so cool! Opening as always adorable and the grahpics - omg :3 Everything is explaied so fast (something happens & then something else D:) and......I don't want to spoil as it's not very happy :(
♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥     ♥    ♥     ♥    
 Hetalia was so funny, I really enjoyed it xD I love the characters!
 Some Hetalia's Characters and their small descriptions:

America - loves fast food, crazy, his friend is an alien, likes to invet things, owns Canada (who?)._.
England - hates russia, is bullied by France, wears unfashion clothes, have untasty food
France - wears most glamorous clothes, is romantic, hobby- to bully England, loves delicious food
China - loves cute things, his 'China Town' is anywhere, good cook, defeated Germany with a pan :P
Italy - hmm.....loves pasta, is bullied by everyone (except germany), fights by waving a white flag, next time you wake up he can be right beside you D:
Germany - he's not scared of anything, babysits Italia, loves beer
Japan - shy, isolated sometimes, quiet, friendly, very serious when comes to food >:D
Russia - eee...scary o_o, he always wants to help his friends....with an axe
Poland - loves ponies, pink, girl's clothes (yes, he's a man), likes to eat polish food
Canada - who?
Sweden - scary man, serious, *whispers* - watched you while you sleep :O
Greece - loves cats 
Lithuania - it's prisoned by Russia xD, is a friend with Polan, friendly
Switzerland - don't like strangers walking on his land *shoots*, cares about Liechtenstein
Austria - very elegant, plays on a piano
don't mess with Russia ._.
oh.... Italia XD
-'Who are you?' -'I'm Canada' *-*
It's not called being gay, it's called being Fabulous!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Which anime characters are similar to each other?- In Appearance / Personality - My findings :o

I found quite few characters that have something in common, and they come from different animes and genres.
I made few (more then few XD) images showing some similarities that I founded. (Click for bigger image)
similar  characters - Akira and Yuka
They both look like twins but I hate Yuka >:(
similar characters - Naruto and Black Star
In personality they are very similar (Naruto when he was younger)
similar characters - Claude adn Shido
Like brothers (hate them both), also they are psycho (for me)
similar  characters - Yurippe and Haruhi
They look alike but idk about the character 'cause I havent watch Melancholia....
similar characters - Jeanne and Mimi
They look like sisters but Jeanne is a God like and Mimi is a demon (Akuma) XD
Similar characters - sunohara and Jun
CLONES! Still Sunohara is the Best :P
Similar characters - kyoko and sana
Same hairstyle and quite similar character
Similar characters - mayaka and syuri
Just compare the photos ._.
Similar characters - luka and saeko
I see no difference :D
Similar characters - mikado and satoshi
They really look alike but they have different personality
Similar characters - victorique and shinku
So cute ^_^ They are really similar in this image
Similar characters , twins - tsubasa kagami ryou kyou
Personality and Appearance is the same. Clones! :o