Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Deadman Wonderland vs Mirai Nikki - Similarties

First of all, I'm half way through Deadman Wonderland. As always, I was sharing my feelings and thoughts with my sister, who won't watch this anime. Accidently, I noticed that there are few similarties that these two good series share. For funzies, I'm just gonna mention them.
  • At first, I noticed that the two main characters of both series look alike, then I noticed that they are both the cowardy, and crying-a-lot type. I sympathied with them both as lots of crazy and insane stuff is going on so they can cry how much the want..... poor little things ;^; In short Yukki and Ganda have similar appearance and personality.
  • In both series the main females are 'kind' of obssessed with main characters. In Deadman Wonderland there is Shiro who likes to follow Ganda around and spend time with him because they are friends. On the other side, in Mirai Nikki, there is Yuno who also follows Yukki everywhere and wants to spend every moment with him. Not to mention that both girls just say the names - Ganda and Yukki - all the time. The difference is that Yuno is an insane girl who will not allow anyone to steal her man. I don't know about Shiro as I stated before, I haven't finished the series.
  • The characters have a power and have to fight with people that have 'kind' of the same power? Coincidence? Maybe. In Mirai Nikki we have the cellphone users which predict the future and in Deadman Wonderland they have a blood-type weapon called Branches of Sin. Even though the weapons are different, the characters still have to fight with each other.
  • The graphic-style is similar - well..... for me.
  • At last, the series gaves us different users of the 'power', all with different personalities, appearance, gender and age which gives a huge variety of 'unique'characters [Note: I think that happens - still haven't got to that part]

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!! [+2nd Blog Anniversary]

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you will have magnificent day and lots of presentw underneath your christmas tree. I hope you spend your holidays with someone special like family, best friend or your girlfriend / boyfriend. May all your wishes come true.
The gifs made by anime-yaoi-lover ^-^

♪ْ♬Christmas day is coming ....... with otaku blog♬♪ْ

As well as Christmas, I want to celebrate my another blog Anniversary. It was a good year as my activity has better qualty of work and I try to target on most latest or enjoyable things. Thank you for anyone who visited my blog and appreciate my stuff and my low activity. It's nearly 2015 you believe that?! So I wish next year will be better for us all and we all would be happy ^-^ Few things that I want to 'achieve' next year is participating in anime convention and cosplay. I noticed now that when Christmas reaches me, I barely want anything, whereas thoughout the year I just have full list of stuff 'I Want'. However, I don't like asking people anything especially my parents. I'm making easier for them as parents are most precious people in our lives- Don't you think? So.......

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Haikyuu!! Sequel!!

'Me right now'
I just wanted to see what new anime would came out in 2015 as I don't know what to do with myself 」╹□╹)」. Accidently, poor coincidence, I found out that one of my favourite anime gets a new season!! The anime is....... you probably guessed by the title of the post........"Haikyuu!!". It was announced in Jump Festa 2015 event - based by Crunchyroll and Anime NewsNetwork - that there would be second anime season with new visual. Hell Yeaaaaah! The anime was amazing and enjoyable from start to finish. I don't know when it will be released but stay tuned for announcement on my blog as definitely there would be :D

Monday, 22 December 2014

"Daily Lives of Highschool Boys"?

aka. "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou"
Did you ever wondered what highschool boys are doing in their lives? What they are thinking? Or how anime with 'boys' only would look like? Supirsely, 'this anime' would answer these questions........ I don't know if it would be precise though XDD......

There is nothing more wonderfull then a friendship...... a guy friendship? A otaku friendship?? Nerd friendship?? Alright, a combination of all of these, which turns the anime to a hilarious and 'wtf' series of events. So the anime circualtes around three guys; Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake which help us to discover a life of a Highschool boys. Actaully, that is it XD BUT, does this really happens:
  • Guys stealing girls uniform just to try out the skirt which they actually look good in?
  • Telling ghost stories which are mostly about  something disgusting instead of adding some spooks to the story?
  • anime sh*t talking
  • being chased by girls and sisters?
  • over-dramatic scenes (especially by the river)?
  • roleplaying a RPG just before going to friends house?
  • being awkward now and then?
Ughhhh..... just give me a break.......... like what am I talking about? This show is so freaking good and I'm laughing my ass off every second. Every episode is divided into stories which cover different anime cliches, seasons and/or events. Even though, you think you can guess what will happen, in actual fact it turns to something unexpected. The series is not made up of good, appealing and modern graphics, drawing style  and character design, yet you can put it aside as the whole concept and the stories are interesting, even if it's slice of life. Even though, I finished this series yesterday, I miss it and want to rewatch it again!
One of my favourite scenes :D

This happens to me a lot XDD


Sunday, 7 December 2014

'Your Lie in April' ~ First Impression

As I always do, I found 'Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso', aka 'Your Lie in April', by coming across gifs and images. The thing that catched my attention, is the beautiful,with flawless smile blonde girl. Her beauty in terms of personality and appearance shined at me. By her body language and her facial expressions I just knew what she was like. Furthermore, we should not forget the main character. He also interested me beacuse most of what I saw was him with the girl. The questions went through my head: Who is he? How they met each other? Who are they for each other? Is it a romance? - That's why I just click on the first episode. Additionally, I knew that the anime is about 'classiacl music' therefore it seemed it is unique.

From the first episode we know that the story circulates around Arima, who 'used' to play piano. The reason for this, which is told later on, his mother was a music teacher and forced him to be the best player which he obviously was. For me is very tragic how he had no say towards what he does. His mother was ill and died just before his important performance. During it, Arima broke and stopped playing the instrument for two years. His world turned dull. One day, his childhood friend Tsubaki, who participates in softball club, convinces him to accopmany her and his other friend Ryota to meet a special girl. She wants to know Ryota, but Arima would be a great help as the girl loves playing instruments and loves music. The girl's name is Kaori and is a great violinist. She is cheerul, unpredictable, and short-tempered. Her life is full of colours compared to Arima.

Straight away I know that the girl will change Arima's attitude and life. She will retrieve his passion towards classical music. Arima was really fascinated by the girl's play and her personality. His life will change after the meeting with blonde godess..... Certainly worth to check out as the plot is interesting, animation and graphics so appealing and the character to damn good.

Sunday, 30 November 2014


The last and second post in November. Where have I been? No where... I just didn't find motivation to post anything. That's why I just write few words to show that I'm alive XD

What happened to your otaku life? School is taking me away from it. The last manga I finished was D. Gray Man and anime Blood Lad probably. I can't still get over the fact that there is no chapters in D. Gray Man and that I finished Haikyuu. Yes, I watched the volleyball anime long time ago and I'm now rewatching it. Why not. One day, I wanted to leave my homework aside as I got motivation to rewatch my favourite animes. That was weird 0_0 I started reading Tokyo Ghoul manga as my friend recommended it to me. Now I don't have to bother with choosing a manga :D

Do you want to hear the news?
I'm editing again!! Yes, I got an editing program on my fast laptop so please check out my channel. As few months have past since I last created an AMV or MMV I did a short video.

As December is in few minutes (UK time), I already decided what I want to get for christmas - graphic tablet. My dream is to become a graphic designer so I want learn technology which I may need to use in the future. What are you getting for christmas? My Photoshop skills are actually improving, so I'm glad.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Naruto 'Ship'uuden ~ NEXT GENERATION?!


Before I even begin, I just want to inform that I'm not reading the manga and I dropped Naruto Shippuden when the fillerz of Kakashi's past showed up. However, I'm slowely starting to catch up with the anime as I got encouraged by the things that are happening in the war.

From tumblr (aka very educational side from which I gain most of my information on daily basis), I know about 'The Last' movie, which I'm excited about and also I got information/spoilers about the last chapter of Naruto; 'Chapter700'. I'm not into details but this chapter in Naruto manga showed our characters in the future, many years after the future movie and they showed.............. THEIR CHILDREN!! I love seeing a combinations of two characters, in normal language; their children. As well as that these are 'some' of my ships which sailed!!! YES!

Children's Name: Himawari and Boruto Uzumaki
Thoughts: YES! MY SHIP! CHILDREN! I shipped Naruto also with Sakura but NaruHina was my priority. Hinawari is so cute and I love Boruto as he reflects the same character, just like his father. Their hair styles are beautiful. *o*
Child's Name: Sarada Uchicha
Thoughts: THEY ARE TOGATHER? HOW? I was always hoping for them uniting but I never thought they will have a child and stuff......... actually? *Stands up and starts a serious speech* "SasuSaku fans and shippers....... we all believed........ we all cried. Other shippers laughed at us! Criticised us and hated on that ship. Now......... with this confirmation............ we can all say--- HA! LOOK AT THIS Mother.F!!!" *Sits down proudly* Anyhow, Sarada is amazing and I cannot believe that Sasuke is a father!
Child's Name: Shikadai Nara
Thoughts: I knew there was something between them! For me, it wasn't that huge suprise but I'm just full of happiness. The first time I saw Shikadai, his eyes just told me that he's Temari and Shikamaru's son.
Child's Name: Unknown
Thoughts: Such a tragedy as her father died. I bet she will be a great shinobi.

Child's Name: Chouchou Akimichi
Thoughts: Karui and Choji have a daughter? I can't remember that they even had a conversation togather? WHAT THE HELL?!? This was the biggest suprise of my life. Chouchou (lovely name btw) is just like her father yet she does not get angry if someone insults her because of her figure.

Child's Name: Inojin Yamanaka
Thoughts: Oh I remember when Sai complemented Ino at the table in anime yet insulted Sakura. This lead to love and birth of Inojin XD. Still, I was suprised by them being together.

So anybody read all the chapters of Naruto along with this chapter? What do you think? What is your favourite family? I think they should continue the series with this new generation.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

How could I forgot about making a post for halloween? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) Anyways....Happy Halloween guys. For me, it's the first time I haven't gone to 'trick or treat' as my sister just don't wanted to and I am pissed on my friends. But I got some good time with my BFF and also my sister and with a horror movie ヽ(^Д^)ノ Tomorrow, I will definitely vomit as I'm eating a box of sweets while watching. There is still two boxes downstairs if I will run out. How is/was your halloween this year?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

'Wolf Girl & Black Prince' ~ Impression

It's a fact that I was not planning to even look at it. (¬д¬) In a blog, that I follow, I have read a list about anime that will come out soon. I was hit with dissapointment. 'Wolf Girl and Black Prince' (jp. Ookami Shoujo to Kuroouji) was on that list, and I just knew that the main female character will be annoying and ridiculous after reading the plot. I didn't want to go through the pain like in Diabolik Lovers. Yet after my friend recommend it to me and saying good words, I just give it a try.
 I just watched 2 episodes, and it is not because I don't like it but because I already have too much to watch. Well, after the first ep, I was right that the main character is stupid. Lying about being in a relationship and then making a random pic of a guy on the street to prove that? I would accept it only if her status in school was really bad, she was bullied and depressed. However, she is doing for these.....these......... I can't even express my disgust and anger towards her new 'friends'. Actually, I would have left them as they are teasing adn horrible to her. It's better to be alone than wasting time with these trashes. Lets continue with the story, so the 'trashes' saw the picture yet unfortunately it is revealed that the boy is from their school. As a result of that Erika, the main character, spoke to that guy, and he suprisely agreed to ast as her boyfriend. After they made 'sort of contract', he showed his true face and started to treat her like a dog. Literally. What suprises me the most is that, I don't hate him for that. At all. I remain silent and accept his rude side. Somehow I'm slowly started to like vilians in anime (・□・;)

The second episode was really good as a second guy appeared who was so beautiful, charming and sparkly. Aghhh <3. At that time I just made up the rest of the story line which is more likely to happen as "I watched/read enough shoujo to know where this is going". Well.......... I was wrong *ashamed of herself*.  The twist though. The twist. No spoilers for you.

Overall I can accept Erika even though she is pathetic for me. The guy is really likeable even though he is harsh, but I truly hate Erika's friends. I thought I would hate the main character but it ended up in the side characters. I'm questioning, why Erika seeks the friendship of these girls. She could have made friends with other people in her class on the first day. The groups weren't really setted up yet so she could have tried. In the end, I actually, I really do not have a clue if this anime is good or bad, I just know that it is likeable.

"Good? Bad? You need to decide"

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

D. Gray Man Manga ~ Impression

If someone had told me few months ago that I will read D. Gray man, I will actually laugh at their face..... honestly. The development of the anime bored me, as I really get de-motivated when comes to long series, but the end really got my attention. I was thinking about reading because there's more stuff told and beautfiul art-style yet the number of chapters kept me in distance. So a full year after watching the anime I just decided to take a go and I fell in love.
As I mentioned before the manga is drawn beautifully! It develops throught time and in the latest chapter is out of paradise. Hehe :D It's a lot better then in anime. The most attracting thing of the anime and manga are the characters. My Lavi and cute Lenalee and Allen'os' Walker'os' (that's how I call him after the middle of the series XD) and lots of others. I started from the beginning although I could search at what chapter does the anime ended. Simply, I wanted to see the difference and I didn't know the details as it was quite a long time since I watched the series. I'm glad that I've started reading as after the last events of anime, the whole thing gets more intense and dark for me. I just saw a change of the plot path and in Allen. Even Lenalee with someone said, that Allen's not as polite as he used to be and that he changed. Certainly he's less lively and cheerful after the change......

The author, Katsura Hoshino, is on Hiatus, which breaks my heart. The latest chapter (218) was released at the end of 2012. Yes..... 2012! The story is still unfinished and I'm begging for the next chapter. I'm really suprise that despite the number of chapters and that I've known the most of the story (anime ends around chp. 140), I kept going and going, at last I ended up finishing 'something' long in around two months *claps proudly*. There were days were I've read 30 chapters a day x-x 'intense reading' and I wouldn't recommend that - I was reading on my phone and my fingers were unable to move properly! I also realised that a lot of things are missing which really dissapointed me as it seemed like the whole 'adventure' is going too fast...... way to fast. Some of the stories gave the anime the unique charm. [SPOILER] The thing that frustrated me the most is that the author didn't showed the back story of Daisya - he was shown few seconds and then BAM! .... he's dead. Later, he wasn't really mentioned, he simply dissappeared :/ [E.O.S] Lot of stuff was missing but I was suprised that after what happened in anime, there was a story in manga which could be counted as a filler if it would appear in anime as certainly it was hilarious. Seriously, best part of the manga!

Such a wonderful manga (✿´‿`) I'm satisfied even though some stories were missing, yet without that it can be enjoyful at the same level. Shout out to people who only watched D. Gray Man - Read the manga, well most people say that if they read any manga and watched anime of it. I'm freaking crying as the story goes in completely different direction. At first, I thought that only Milennium Earil and his Akumas are evil and should be exterminated, however after reading the manga, I don't know who is evil anymore. I only know one thing; Allen did nothing wrong!, as well as the exorcists. Where is the rescuing of the world? For now, the exorcists needs to be rescued from pain and suffering. I swear to......not God because he is now against Allen ._......... to my feelings, that everybody will die. I'm serious as there is too many ways that my precious exorcists could die from.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

October Anime Character Birthdays

Birthday Date: 3rd October
Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Info: Ah the anime that really suprised me and this month is the main character's brithday, Madoka. At the start of the anime, I was begging for her to be the freaking magical girl, yet near the end, I just regreted it. The image that I made represets her life as a magical girl, fighting the witches, yet her world/life breakes (broken glass^) and goes towards magical girl destiny and also her own, individual destiny.

 Birthday Date: 10th October
Anime: Shaman King
Info: I really loved her shaman fighting skill and also her character design. She belongs to Tao family adn she always thought that souls are just puppets for the shamans yet her eyes widely opened after she met Yoh. She got to know that ghosts have feelings as well..............
 Birthday Date: 14th October
Anime: Shingeki no Kyojin
Info: I really admire this man. He struggles and works so hard to achieve freedom and happiness for whole humanity, however he must make lots of sacrifices to fullfill these objectives. His hands are covered in blood........ he must be extremely, mentally strong to go straight forward and don't loose faith after the loss of his comerades. The decisions must be right, or the loss will be great.
 Birthday Date: 31st October
Anime: Death Note
Info: The legendary Detective. This anime, for me, is a masterpiece. The fight between Kira and him was extremelly nerve-wrecking and exciting. L's inteligence is beyond me yet he even doesn't look like it.

I had only time for four images. Gomenasai >o<".

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Shoujo Manga Disaster ~ Ao Haru Ride & HnR

Actually, I love to read shoujo manga, especially the ones with love traingles as the story gets super interesting and also, for my bad, heart-breaking. Within a love traingle in an anime or manga, I have usually the 'most' favourite couple. Not that I only support one side of the triangle. For the time being, my OTPs were developing in extremely cute way, how-freaking-ever one stupid week two of my favourite shoujo manga wanted to make some changes which I highly dislike.
[Warning: spoilers from Ao Haru Ride and Hirunaka no Ryuusei]

Let's start with the first one, that I firstly fully read to the latest chapter; Hirunaka no Ryuusei. From the beginning I shipped Mamura and Yosano however I didn't really mind Shishio. By the time that my OTP started dating, my heart fired love and fireworks everywhere! As a fresh couple, they were very shy to approach each other in romantic way. Still waiting for them to kiss -.-". Yet, on the latest chapter, when Mamura and Yosano went on a beautfiul date, Yosano was still thinking about her first love instead of her current boyfriend!! When she heard Shishio was in hospital, nothing serious happened to him by the way, she 'broke up' with Mamura as we all obviously see that she hasn't left her feeling for Shishio. So we just see her and Shishio meeting each other while or poor, internally hurted Mamura is sitting alone on the beach, regreting that he could have created a better relationship and could have expressed himself we bit more. Happy end? NO!

Now let's move to Ao Haru Ride. I make it sort; Kou hurted Futaba, rejected her and teased her all the time so she give up, finded Kikuchi, started dating him, Kou realises that he made a mistake, then decides to destroy the relationship between Futaba and Kikuchi while they really have a good time. Why now Kou?? You thief and destroyer of my OTP! So he tells her some 'smart' words which convinces her that she will never forget about him, which is quite true............. sadly. She breaks up with Kikuchi and as they broke up she did not come to his live show in which he wanted to sing a song he wrote for her!! Nooo! At the end of chapter 45 Kou arranges a date which she accepts. The-fucking-end! Me No like This Type of END ;^; The worst thing is that, even though they dated, Futaba NEVER mentioned that she even liked Kikuchi.
So both of my favourite couples broke up in around the same week. Thank you for the feels!!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Parasyte Anime?! ~ Impression

Accidently I came across the picture above and I shouted "Is that parasyte?!". My research started and I found that the manga that I finished quite a long time ago has realised an anime. Certainly, it's a huge suprise as manga according to wikipedia finished in 1995. It's nearly 20 years since the manga finished!
The plot is that alien creatures - Parasytes - invaded secretly the Earth to fullfill their hunger to human flesh and some came to learn about US. They enter the human body and take contol of the brain and the whole body. As the result of that they can change the body shape - have arms and legs as blades, large sharp teeth and any other features which can help them kill a human and devour them. However some keep their human faces and blend into the society. Why reveal yourself and cause panic? You would get caught. Shinji Izumi is the only one who knows about them as one of them failed to invade the brain and invaded his hand.

The manga isn't drawn very modern but I somehow loved it. In the anime the graphics are modern and characters don't look the same as in the manga. I barely recognised the main character. The reason that I recognised this anime was because of parasytes. Despite the fact that graphics changed, they are still good! The changes of the body are amazing. Changing the shape of the body is certainly difficult to animate as a human form changes to something really bizarre. Also - finally no censoring. I hope to see the dramatic scenes in anime version and I look up to the gore. Additionally, the opening is amazing with some metal parts of the song. It suits the anime so much!! The music is well chosen.

In my point of view, I think that anime normally follows the manga, however ther are some changes for example modern technology such as tablets. In 1995 and below nothing like this existed therefore they changed a bit for the anime to be base on our modern life. Anyhow, after watching the first episode, I'm glad to say; you have to watch it!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blog Reached 100,000+ Views!!! ~ About Me

What?! How is that possible?! Anyhow, thank you sooo much for looking up my blog from time to time. I feel like my work is appreciated which makes me feel proud. I also feel a bit dissapointed about neglecting this blog which happens really often. It's been a year and a half since I created this blog and I love how I can express myself (★^O^★)

Certainly this post is special, as it's so difficult to reach that amount of views therefore I decided to introduce myself better. In other words I will write everything about me :D

Name: Wioletta (Violette on blogger :P)
Age: right now 18 >.<
Nationality: Polish
Live in: UK
Hair colour: naturally dark blonde
Eye colour: green
Pets: Dog (Lucky)
Personality: I'm nice to people but I hold a grudge on humanity D: Good sense of humour and laughs at everything ._. Shy and awkward at times especially with strangers. Lazy as hell. Feels responsible for everything.
Favourite food: Pork chops and chips
Least favourite food: vegetables (especially on steam)
Dream Career: I hope to be a freaking Graphic Designer ;-; but if this doesn't work I will try to be a stewardess.
Hates: this will be long hehe, but mainly I hate rude and self-centered people or when I'm not capable of doing something, when somebody thinks that she/he knows me but in actual fact it's false, acne ;^;, animal cruelty, insects, bullying
Likes: being creative on various programs, being appraciated once in a while, music especially rock and K-pop, anime, asia and manga of course, horror stuff, animals, puns and joke, GAMES!! especially MMORPGs and adventure games.

Favourite Bands: Shinhwa, Imagine Dragons, Nu'est, Ashes Remain
Favourite Anime: My little Monster, Shaman King, Haikyuu!!, Attack on Titan and Durarara!!
Favourite Manga: D. Gray man and Shaman King
Favourite Sport: I don't really like sports but I enjoy ice-skating, swimming and tennis.
Favourite Colours: Black and Purple 
Favourite TV show: Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural <3
Favoutite Games: Aion and Gothic (all series)
Favourite Youtubers: Danisnotonfire, Pewdiepie and Raedwulfgamer

Flaws: I'm very naive and make stupid decisions. Acne is my biggest problem and keeping contact with friends ;^; laziness and not able to meet deadlines.

That's what I can think of but you can ask me anything in the comments :>

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Anime Summer 2014 ~ Top 5

This summer so many great shows were released; from continuation of my favourite anime to brand new amazing anime. I would like to 'review' what have been made this summer and state which one wins for my favourite of this season. You can consider this as 'My Top 5' :) I know it's a bit late but I wanted to wait until all of them are finished.

[Click on the pics to see the review- plot, genre and no. of episodes]

5. Sword Art Online 2
The only reason that this series is on the list is that I wanted to do Top 5, not Top 4 (it sounds better :P). I liked the first season a lot but only for the few parts of the anime. There was lots of episodes in the first season that just were used to extend the whole anime and for me they were boring at times. The reason that I was looking forward to second season was that I loved the tragedy and love-story in the series. I wanted to see Kirito and Asuna being happy in the normal world. I don't get one thing in SAO 2; how could someone comeback to the virtual world if he/she was stuck in it for 2 years and was on the verge of death the whole time?? In addition their 'love partner' was also fighting for survival and was stuck in second game! Yes Kirito, I'm talking to you!

SAO 2 isn't finished yet and maybe someday I will finish it as I only watched 4 episodes. Honestly, I just feel it will be the same as the epsiodes after second episode of first season. Playing another game online and risking his own life again. This series concetrates on online game "Gun Gale Online" in which a certain avatar can kill people in reality when shooting this particular person with a special gun in the game. As you may realise it know while reading, Kirito, the winner of SAO needs to investigate it and he has no other option. If you have watched all the episodes that came out please tell me if it's any good as I think it will be just right in the end - same as in the first season :/

4. Kuroshitsuji; Book of Circus

Now I will do a whole review here. So this series concentrates on my favourite part/story of the manga. It doesn't follow the anime Kuroshitsuji I and II as it went in completely different direction then the manga. This series counts 10 episodes which circles around the case that the Queen assigned for Ciel. The case involves children disappearing at times when the Noah's Arc Circus appears in the town. To investigate it Ciel and his demon butler Sebastian became circus members in disguise.

The members of the circus are just wonderful, charming and fantastic. Same goes to the graphics and both opening and ending. The story is intense as it's difficult for Ciel and Sebastian to move freely between the tents and look for clues. It's also heart-breaking as Ciel is a good actor and all members are fooled by him. They think Ciel is their friend, team member, where in actual fact he just does his job as a Queens WatchDog. I'm the happiest person in the world that the authors decided to animate this part of the manga which will show the non-readers how amazing the manga is!

3. Ao Haru Ride

Manga was really good and became my favourite! I was looking forward to see the anime and see characters actually talking and moving. Of course, I was also worried that it would destroy my opinion as we, manga readers, know that anime adaptations aren't as good as the manga. In actual fact, the anime was very good. Only thing that nearly changed, was my opinion who to ship with Futaba the main character T^T.  The thing that I really love is the graphics, soundtracks and the opening. Out of this world! Personally, I hope they make second season which will follow the rest of the story as it becomes more interesting and dramatic. It's a bit unique as we don't really know what Kou (main male character) is feeling and Futaba doesn't really shows that she has feelings towards him.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Everytime there's  new anime up coming, I mostly search for horror or gore. Then I saw this piece! Cannibalism in modern society? "Interesting. I bet there's lots of blood!" - I told myself, however every gore scene was censored which, for me, destroyed a bit the tragedy of anime. I can't enjoy the scene when I can't actually see anything except black or negative screen!

 The opening became my favourite as it makes me feel that person singing is in pain - "Who is that inside of me? Here in this broken world, you laugh without seeing a thing......" Also I feel so sorry for every ghoul who doesn't want to kill. They are hunted down by either humans or insane ghouls, can't live peacefully and can only eat human flesh and drink coffee. How they can find happiness? If you are looking for something emotional, interesting and with action and psychos then watch this anime!

1. Free! Eternal Summer

No doubt that this is my favourite. It's a second season which has more characters and is more 'deep' (get it? deep..... like water XD I should stop >o<). I thought it will be more funny and stuff but it ended up me crying! Eternal Summer concentrates on the future of our characters; who do you want to be in the future? The ending 'Future Fish' was really catching and I fell in love with it but near the end I was like "NO!"- It isn't funny KyoAni! When you watch it you will know the reason They all could just become professional swimmers but you have to be really good to be successful. We all know Haru doesn't want to swim competitively so what he will do?! That question was in my head all the time.

Anime became even more charming as Sousuke, Kisumi and Momotarou were introduced. More bishes to fan-girl for!! <33 In addition Rin's personality changed a lot compared to last season.Overall there are lots of heart-breaks and twists so you should watch it!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Haikyuu!! ~ Why I haven't watched this EARLIER?!

 I'm not into sport as well as sports anime, however now I'm in! It simply started from "Free!" because of my curiosity and now I'm dramatically drowning in my tears as a result of two seasons. But that's not what I will post about. As a result of swimming anime my expectations for sports anime were horribbly high, I just needed great characters, interesting plot and lots of humour. I saw title "Haikyuu!!" bunch of times yet I hesitated and said - "Nah...It won't hilarious and beautiful as Free!. I don't want to destroy my opinion on sports anime " I TAKE THAT BACK! Gomenasai!! *Kneels and begs for forgiveness* Everything that I specified above (my expectations) exist in Haikyuu!! as well!! :O Maybe there are no half-naked guys but there's variety of them yet in full clothing (︶‿   ︶✿)

The targed audience are anybody compared to "Free!" (y'know why) and it counts 25 episodes. The style is unique and after like 2 episodes, you can get used to it. For me the style is beautiful and amazing as well as animation especially when showing the quick moves while there's a match. Lets talk about characters as it's serious talk now. They are fantastic, adorable, funny, amazing, bad-ass, yes they are everything! Let's summaries the characters:
Hinata: The main orange-haired character who wants to become great player and be aknowledged by taller players. Even though he's short and usually is extremelly nervous at some point of a match, he's ultra-fast and is a brilliant decoy
Kageyama: *whispers* The King of the Court. His character development is amazing! Needs to control his temper, usually towards Hinata.
Tanaka(-senpai): LOVE HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!! <3 He gives the anime great hilarious atmosphere!
Suga-san: I don't know if the choice of his hair colour was on purpuse but he's the most mature and responsible. So cute by the way :> He's like a 'mum' of the team!
Daichi: Leader. Don't mess around with him. Amazing supporter at the back, no ball should pass him! He really remind me of Yamato from Naruto Shippuuden :D
Noya(-senpai): The short, amazing, flirtatious, ultra-quick libero!!!
Tsukishima: At the start I didn't like him as he annoys and offends everybody (mostly 'Great King' and 'Shrimp' hehe) but he's gives the anime the charm ^-^
Asahi: People gossip about his bad side (which isn't really true). They make him look like a criminal yet Hinata sees him as an amazing ace!! In actual fact he just worries about stuff and is really caring!! 

"We aren't losing. We still have a chance to win!! The ball still hasn't touched the ground. "
There are lots and lots more amazing characters! Ugh.... I just got turned by  the characters that I forgot about the plot - Hinata loves volleyball and wants to become great player yet his height doesn't suit to the sport. However he "can jump"! In addition is the middle school there was no (male) club that he could practise and evolve his skills. At the end of middle school he gathered some of his friends to take part in a tournament, unfortunately they didn't know how to really play volleyball. As a result of that in the first match they lost, maybe mainly because they played against the "King of The Court". Even though Hinata's team was quite awful, he insistently said "the ball hasn't touch the ground". He fully showed his skills and suprised many. After the loss he promised to himself to become better and defeat the "King" so he trained from the rest of middle school days and joined Karasuno Highschool afterwards and hoped to join their volleyball club. However, in suprise there was another person who decide to attend the same school - Kageyama Tobi, The King of the Court. How Hinata can defeat his rival if they are on the same team?
They love when they're called senpais XD
The matches are just full of excitment. I love when it makes you think they won't hit the ball buut they actually hit and vise-versa. When they are about to spike the ball, I slowely put my hands up high and ready to shout "YAY" but in split second the spike is blocked and my expression suddenly says in pain "NO!". I truely love it! The tactics, hard work the characters put in and the humour in between. Everybody should watch it!
"......someone said that they won't watch Haikyuu!! What a loser hehehe....'