Sunday, 7 December 2014

'Your Lie in April' ~ First Impression

As I always do, I found 'Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso', aka 'Your Lie in April', by coming across gifs and images. The thing that catched my attention, is the beautiful,with flawless smile blonde girl. Her beauty in terms of personality and appearance shined at me. By her body language and her facial expressions I just knew what she was like. Furthermore, we should not forget the main character. He also interested me beacuse most of what I saw was him with the girl. The questions went through my head: Who is he? How they met each other? Who are they for each other? Is it a romance? - That's why I just click on the first episode. Additionally, I knew that the anime is about 'classiacl music' therefore it seemed it is unique.

From the first episode we know that the story circulates around Arima, who 'used' to play piano. The reason for this, which is told later on, his mother was a music teacher and forced him to be the best player which he obviously was. For me is very tragic how he had no say towards what he does. His mother was ill and died just before his important performance. During it, Arima broke and stopped playing the instrument for two years. His world turned dull. One day, his childhood friend Tsubaki, who participates in softball club, convinces him to accopmany her and his other friend Ryota to meet a special girl. She wants to know Ryota, but Arima would be a great help as the girl loves playing instruments and loves music. The girl's name is Kaori and is a great violinist. She is cheerul, unpredictable, and short-tempered. Her life is full of colours compared to Arima.

Straight away I know that the girl will change Arima's attitude and life. She will retrieve his passion towards classical music. Arima was really fascinated by the girl's play and her personality. His life will change after the meeting with blonde godess..... Certainly worth to check out as the plot is interesting, animation and graphics so appealing and the character to damn good.

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