Sunday, 6 April 2014

School Days- Definitely not happy days

I wanted to watch this anime long time ago as many people mention it. I just remembred the design and that there's a girl turning insane. Accidentally I watched wrong anime as I couldn't bothered to do some research in the first place. Instead, I watched 'Myself; Yourself' which looks really similar for me >.<

On Youtube I found a review by GRArcada and I only watched it few months after seeing this review as I don't like Ecchi. So it was on my 'Anime to Watch' List for long! As it was on Crunchyroll on my phone I finally decided to watch it. Despite of this, do you think I'm satisfied?

That was the most wierdest thing I ever watched (except 'Pupa'). I'm gonna only say what do I think.
It all started so innocent. A boy, first year in school, falling in love with a quiet beauty. How beautiful! Another love story! No! The main male character is just pathetic and stupid. When he finally got a date with the girl, he got so lazy that he couldn't even bother to help to maintain the relationship. He decide. 'Ok, I'm getting bored with her. She is a fuss!' (that's not how he said it btw XD) She's not so easy to approach, and only he wanted to to with her is go to bed with her. Well, if it's not easy with her let's go with my close friends, (warning spoilers ->) and the her friend, and her friend and at last all school's girls! The funniest thing is that he hasn't told his own girlfriend that they broke up. As a result of that she became mentally unstable and still thought that they are togather.

This.......character just don't know how to approach girls and thinks they are sexual object. The ending was a bit suprising but somehow very funny and entertaining for me :D I can't get over it still. I really don't know if it's a good anime to watch or not (._. )
There's my review if you want the plot, screenshots, genre and number of episodes: LINK

Post Question: What do you think about his anime?


  1. One, hate School Days!! Like I wasted days of my 14 yr old self on that show that I will never get back. I was in shock after finishing it for 3 weeks! Why was this show even created??

    Two, you watch Arkada too? Love him!

    1. It so annoying but still I keep watching to see the end. Like what the author thought when doing this ._. Well at least it was interesting but characters are stupid. Also Arcada has GREAT Reviews! ♥

      And Thank you for follow!!! *-*