Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Akame ga Kill ~ First Impression

There was lots of begging from my friend to watch this. People just don't understand that I'm already flooded with unfinished anime XD Despite the fact that I have too much to watch, at least I checked out one epsiode of Akame ga Kill. There were lots of suprises and I wasn't expecting this at all.

Alright! Before starting, I only knew it was one of the popular anime that came out in the summer (I think) and according to my fellow friend mentioned earlier it's about assassins and there are plot twists............. honestly I love plot twists as it generates an extraordinary emotion. You just don't know how to react. Let's keep moving. When I saw dragon at the beginning, I already knew why my friend was watching this anime in the fist place :D Just kidding, but she likes dragons sooo. Then the main character, Tatsumi slashes through the screen and with a simple sword kills the dragon (if it was that easy in Fairy Tail ;^;). Meanwhile I just saw something I haven't seen over a long period of time. GORE! NO censoring! Happy days!

Tatsumi's objection was to go to capital to earn some money for his poor village yet nothing works out - he fails to enlist in the army and also is swindled of all his money. The rest you need to check out by yourself. First episode and major plot twist. It was so twisted that I had to show it to my sister! Never judge book by its cover.

Overall, it's suprisely good, yet I have objections towards the 'originality' of the characters. All characters remind me of characters from other animes and it's quite frustrating. There are also times when the action gets serious and suddenly humour strikes in and then serious again. It's just wierd but I think it's just how this anime is. If I finish at least one anime I will certainly watch it til the end as it's worth checking out.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you watched it!

  2. Even more plot twists lie ahead. Watched the whole thing in 1 (technically 2 cause i watched past midnight but shhhhh...) day(s)

    I am happy to report absolutly no regrets at all