Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Gyo - Anime Film & Manga - Review

I was looking for a horror and someone recommended me 'Gyo' . I think I enjoyed watching. For me, it was quite scary, interesting and in some parts disgusting :P I'm afraid of the creatures that are in the ocean (I have Thalassophobia) and I'm disgusted of them D: And a surprise for me - hentai scene (anime) - and my younger sister wanted to watch the anime with me but she hadn't xD It could be a very awkward moment.

Anime- It started when Kaori has ended school and she celebrates with her two friends in his boyfriend's Uncle's house. They come back home and when they opened the door, the bad rotten smell comed out of the house. Additionally there was something in the house. Kaori want to kill it but it was too fast. It hid behind the cupboard, so Koari had pushed the cupboard and kill it. It seems to be a fish, but with sharp metal legs!
The story continues and more of the same fish are coming out of the sea and not only fish but other animals from the sea too. Kaori is worried about her boyfriend Tadashi who is in Tokyo. She takes a journey to Tokyo, to find out if he's ok, as the whole Tokyo is full of this creatures.

Manga - It's different than an anime. It's crossed over, as manga concentrates more on Tadashi and Anime concentrates more on Kaori. (Kaori in manga annoys me -.-) But it's still the same story.

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