Saturday, 18 May 2013

Kyoto Animation :3 - Clannad, Kanon, Air - Which is better?

What is Kyoto Animation? It is a Japanese animation studio which made a lots of popular and fantasic animes:

Kyoto Animation Studio anime
Some animes that Kyoto made
More information at:  Kyoto Animation
I'm planning to watch all of the animes that Kyoto made, although I already seen some.
I just finished the three anime form visual novel which are: Clannad, Kanon and Air. A week ago I finished Kanon and I just LOVE IT!! I watched the other two which were wonderful and made my cry, so I had lots of expectations for this one. The start of Kanon was just normal life which got me bored and de-motivated. But I watched to the end and I think it was worth watching

Kanon, Clannad and Air are really similar to each other:
- At the start of the story everybody is happy and then it starts to get dramatic ;_;
- Character have similar personalities and some same features (like same type of haistyle)
- The main female character is always sweet and innocent *_*

In my opinion Clannad beated all of them as it was the most beautiful and dramatic story I ever, ever, ever seen XD All of them were fantastic but this one I enjoyed the most. If you want to see a quick review of any of these anime please read it in the 'Anime' page ^_^  


  1. Claanad and Air!!! But, clannad for me is the most saddest anime I've ever watched so far! haha..

  2. Clannad all the way, my anime number 1 for ever (was my second anime i have ever watched)