Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kyoukai no Kanata - Well done KyoAni! You played with my feelings..... again

Kyoukai no Kanata came out this summer (2013) and I was planning to watch it when I finish other animes that I already started. Btw - it's already ended! Ok, so my sister started it earlier (she never watch whole anime or even any at all! So she really suprised me!) and after few episodes she felt in love with it. She was furiously persuading me to watch it - 'Go watch it! Please I would do anything but do it! I have no-one to talk about it!'. Therefore I started it and now I felt in love with it too!

The anime is drawn very nicely and I love the characters a lot and their obsessions! Himori who loves 'younger sisters' adn Akihito who loves 'glasses', especially girls wearing them XD That humour. I thought that this anime would be about them fighting with evil spirits and humour and all the rest. Nope! This anime pierced my heart, same as other projects of Kyoto Animation like; Kanon, Air and Clannad! So much crying and sobbing! For me is enough......

After disapponiment of Hyouka, this anime filled my heart with proud for KyoAni, but also broke my heart! So if you are looking for a really good anime watch 'Kyoukai no Kanata', also it's called 'Beyond the Horizon'. Have fun!

If you are looking for review (plot, genre etc.) here is mine: LINK

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  1. Nie oglądałam, ale może się skuszę ;)
    Co do tej ankiety to DEIDARA <3