Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hibi Chouchou - Review

I can't find a good horror manga so I'm now into shoujo manga. Here is another one that I've read but not completely due to the lack of english translations. I found out that there is 47 chapters in which only 37 are translated.

Plot: The whole story spins around a girl called Suiren Shibazeki who is popular in school, starting when she was younger because she is incredibely beautiful and cute. Yet she talks a little to strangers and even to friends but she has a friend who protected her all the time, Shimizu Aya. Suiren and her friend started going to mix highschool but Suiren's mum is worried by Suirens 'adorers' especially boys. Accidentally she meets a boy, who's the only one who actually isn't intersted in her. She thinks that he is extraordinary. The boy is member of the Karate club and is called Kawasumi Kouha. Will she be able to make a conversation and know more about him?

I think the whole manga is really good. Light and nicely drawn which make it nice to read. It's nice to see Suiren developing as we all know how hard is to make a friend or when your shy to talk to stranger. The worse thing for her is that she is the schools' ''Takane no hana'' and students make life hard for her and people around her.

Main Characters:
Kouha and Suiren

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